Zyra Gorecki Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Bio, and Career

Zyra Gorecki Net Worth

Zyra Gorecki is a famous actress in America. She is well recognized for her impressive performance as lazy Harris on NBC’s which is new scientific drama series named “La Brea”. The actress Goreck is rising to prominence with her impressive and amazing performance in the series, and that series started on 28 September. The actress Gorecki struggles hard to achieve her goal. As of 2021, the net worth of Zyra Gorecki is roughly around $100 thousand. This is the start of her career, hopefully, she will make a handsome amount of net worth throughout her career.

Name Zyra Gorecki
Date of Birth 4 July 2002
Birthplace Michigan, United States
Profession Actress
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $100 thousand

Personal Life of Zyra Gorecki

If we talk about the love affair, relationship, or marital status, at this time she is single. There is not enough information nor she revealed about her relationship. So we can assume that she is still single. She never gives a little hind about her love affair on her Instagram. The Instagram of the actress Zyra always described herself that she is just a one-legged girl doing her best in a big, scary world. Now take a look at the net worth, career, and early life of Zyra Gorecki.

The early life of Zyra Gorecki

The date of birth of the famous actress is July 4, 2002. The birthplace of Zyra is Michigan in the United States of America. The actress Zyra hasn’t revealed any of his personal information publically. She keeps her personal information far away from the media coverage. So, we don’t sure about her educational background, her past life, her siblings, or her parents. There is little information that her mother is an engineer, and she luckily surviving from breast cancer.

There is a motivational lesson through her life and successful career. Because, unfortunately, Zyra lost his leg in some logging accident, at that time the age of Zyra was only 13 years. After this shocking loss, she never felt helpless, even her leg was cut off, she started to attend Camp No Limit. That campus was meant for Limb-difference kids.

The career & net worth of the Zyra Gorecki

Since her childhood, she was passionate about acting and modeling so, As she grew up she decided to make her career in molding and acting. She wished to pursue her career as an actress or model. But she hadn’t seen any people struggling to find their careers in that merciful situation. She desperately wanted to change, when she lost her leg. She had enough height that was suitable for modeling. The actress eventually came out and met with the agent, then he showed him the right path and advice him to send her portfolio for some acting stuff.

The actress Gorecki was made her appearance for the first time in the year 2016, in which she performed the role of a stuck pedestrian in one of the episodes of the Television drama series named “Chicago Fire”. The humble director of the series named “Joe Chappelle” encourage and helped her to make an appearance in the Television series of the drama. This was the first step for Zyra Gorecki to boost her net worth and build her professional career.

NBS’s role of Zyra

She got the important role of her career when she was selected for the role of Lzzy Harris on the NBC’s series named “La Brea”. The producer of the series was seeking the role of a cool teenage girl, and that was also an amputee. The actress Zyra got through an audition of the character, one of her friends sent out the mail about the addition.

Luckily, Zyra was selected for the specific role after an audition. Although she was rejected for the first time because her emotion was not good, she was drawing the lines with anger. So, the auditioners called her and said let’s try this once again. She confidently worked on her emotion and gave an audition again. After giving an audition for the second time, the auditioners said “All right, cool. You are coming out to L. A.”.

On 28 September 2021, the much-awaited NBC drama series in which Zyra was performing the character of Lzzy Harris in the series. She was getting enough response throughout her impressive performance in the series. After her appearance on NBC, Zyra Gorecki made a good net worth.

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Age, Height, Weight & Measurements

As we are aware actress Zyra was born on 4 July 2002. As of 9 January 2022, she is 19 years, 6 months, and 5 days old.

Age in Months: 443 months, 1 week, and 6 days
Zyra’s Age in Weeks: 1928 weeks
Age in Days: 13496 days

The actress Zyra stands at a height of 6 feet or 183 centimeters tall with a weight of 58 KG or 126 pounds. The physical measurement is still unknown. When we are aware of the physical measurement of the actress we will update it soon. Actress Zyra Gorecki has beautiful dark brown eyes and her hair color is brown. Another measurement of the actress is still unknown.

Net Worth of Zyra Gorecki

The net worth of the actress Zyra Gorecki is approximately $100k. However, current year 2022s, net worth is still unknown. We will update it when we are aware of her current wealth. This is the beginning of her professional career Zyra and she is achieving her goal in NBS. In the future, the net worth of Zyra Gorecki will boost after getting more valuable acting projects.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 How old is the Zyra Gorecki?

Ans: She is only 19 years old as of 2022.

Q.2 Is Zyra Gorecki married?

Ans: No, she is still single. There is not enough information about her marital status, engagement or love affair.

Q.3 What is the net worth of Zyra Gorecki?

Ans: The net worth of Zac Gorecki is roughly around $100k.


So, here is everything which you need to know. We tried our best to collect all the information about Zyra Gorecki include her net worth of 2021. Hope you have liked this post, if someone has confusion, question, or suggestion so, leave feedback under the comment section. Our collaborative team is here to support you. Thanks for reading.

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