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Trick Daddy's Net Worth

The real name of Trick Daddy is Maurice Samuel Young and he well knows the American personality. The profession of Marcie Samuel is rapping is famous in his industry. Trick Daddy’s net worth source is his career as a famous rapper, through which he made a massive income.

He is an integral part of Hip-Hop for several years. He released various songs, but he earned huge popularity and recognition after releasing his hit songs titled “I’m a Thug” and “I’m So Hood”.

A few months before, he dissed the singer Jay-Z and commented to her that she can’t able to sing a song. Moreover, she released many songs and numerous songs are massive hits. He also earned a good amount of wealth through his career as a rapper. As of the current date of March 2022, Trick Daddy’s net worth is approximately around $150,000.

Trick Daddy’s Wiki/Biography

Full Name Maurice Samuel Young
Date of Birth September 27, 1973
Birthplace Miami, Florida, United State
Source of Wealth Rapping
Age 47 years old
Height 1.77 Meters
Weight 85 KG
Marital Status Married (Divorce)
Zodiac Sign N/A
Net Worth $150,000

Professional Career & Trick Daddy’s Net Worth

Famous rapper Trick Daddy’s spent a part of her life in Jail, he was sentenced by the court cause of drug dealing. Later on, he was again accused and sentenced to murder.  When he was brought out of jail he decided to make his career as a successful rapper.

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Because Slip-N-Slide Records and founder Ted Lucas advised him to build his career in rapping. After a little time, he started to work on the track named “Scarred” from Luke Campbells’s 1996 album called “Uncle Luke”.

After releasing this song it become a massive hit, due to the popularity of this song he gained more public attention and fame throughout society. That song becomes the cause of record producers’ attention.

Eventually, he signed the Ted Lucas, and after making a contract he released his debut album with the title “Based on a True Story ” in the year 1997.

Trick Daddy's Net Worth
Source = Instagram

Daddy got a lot of success from his previous single and he gained more success and popularity when he made his appearance in Club oriented track named “Nann” which went viral and became a national hit.

Due to this song, he came into the limelight and gained huge popularity. In the year 2000, he was signed by a new recording label, Atlantic Records. Through this, he released his 3rd Album titled “Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47”.

In this way, he made his name and continuously released his various songs. Likewise, On March 20, 2001, he released his 4th album titled “I’m a Thug” a massive hit song. On the Billboard Hot 100, Daddy’s song got the 17th position.

Similarly, In 2004, he released his sixth studio album titled “Thug Matrimony: Married To The Street”, which featured the hit song “Let’s Go”. In the song titled “What’s Happening!” Daddy made his appearance as a guest in the same year. When he claimed that he got the top position on various charts, he became more hit and popular.

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Famous American rapper Trick also made his appearance on a very popular VH1 reality show series called “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”, due to his appearance he gained more popularity.

Despite his rapping career, he made appearances in some movies. Likewise, in the movie named “Just Another Day,” he made his appearance and performed a role of a drug dealer in the year 2010.

A few months before, he faced some criticism from Beyonce’s fans, because he comment to her that he can’t sing. In Daddy’s words “Beyonce doesn’t write music and barely can sing herself, Beyonce can’t sing”, these words went viral on different social media. In a little time, his commented audio clip went viral, later on, Daddy came live on his Instagram account and explained that he said Beyonce can sing but not like other vocalists.

Trick Daddy’s Early life (Family, Parents, and Birthdate)

American famous rapper Trick Daddy was born on September 27, 1973, and his birthplace is Miami, Florida, United State of America.  The names of his parents are his father Charles Young and his mother’s name is Pearl Brockington.

If we talk about his siblings, he has 10 sisters and brothers alongside his mother. He was raised with his siblings and they grew up in the Liberty Square apartment complex.

Daddy was living with his father and his dad was a local pimp. When he entered into a teenager, he with his brother named “Derek” went to live with his dad.

When he was living with his Dad, Trick started dealing crack cocaine on the streets with his brother. He was arrested and sentenced by the court for possessing drugs and firearms when he was only 15 years old.

According to some reports, he was again arrested and sentenced to an attempt of murder. At the age of 20, Trick Daddy was again sent to jail. Some news claimed that in the same year he lost his brother.

Trick Daddy’s Personal Life (Girlfriend, Relationships, and Marital Status)

American rapper Trick was married to a well know co-star of the reality series “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” named “Joy Young”. On the season 2 reunion, his wife filled out the divorce paper and the couple separated due to some unknown reason.

However, he was captured with his new girlfriend named “Nikki Natural”. Some reports claimed that Daddy is suffering from lupus for a long time, and due to this disease, he is facing a skin problem. However, we are not aware that, whether he is going to marry Nikki or not.

American Rapper’s Age, Height, and Weight

As of 2022, Trick Daddy’s age is 47 years. The height of a famous rapper is 1.77 meters with a weight of 85 KG. Likewise, his hair and eye color is black.

Trick Daddy's Net Worth
Source = Instagram

Trick Daddy’s Social Media Presence

In his successful career, Trick Daddy gained a huge amount of fan following on several social media accounts. On Instagram, he has over 855k followers as of 2022. The number of his fans is increasing consistently.

Some Unknowing and Interesting facts about Trick Daddy

  • Trick Daddy was sentenced by the court and went to jail twice.
  • When he was little age, he was a drug dealer.
  • He was arrested on an attempt to murder charge when he was 20 years old.
  • The American rapper has 10 siblings alongside her mother.
  • His brother and Trick were living with his father.
  • When he was arrested for a murder attempt charge, he lost his brother.
  • In the movie named “Just Another Day”, he performed a role of a drug dealer in the year 2010.
  • He faced some criticism when he put a negative comment about Beyonce a famous female singer.
  • Trick declared bankruptcy 3 times but all the time was dismissed by the court.

Trick Daddy’s Net Worth (Income Source, Annual Salary & Assets)

Throughout his successful career, Trick Daddy earned a lot of money. American rapper Trick has declared bankruptcy 3 times and faced dismissal by the court for all three attempts.

The purpose of his last bankruptcy was to save his house from the auction block. The primary resource of his income is his career as a successful rapper. Trick Daddy’s net worth is approximately around $150,000 as of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 Who is Trick Daddy?

Ans: Trick Daddy is an American famous rapper.

Q.2 Is Trick Daddy married?

Ans: Yes, he is married but divorced and dating his new girlfriend named “Nikki Natural”.

Q.3 Who is the girlfriend of Trick Daddy?

Ans: Nikki Natural is the girlfriend of Trick Daddy.

Q.4 Why Trick Daddy was arrested?

Ans: He was sentenced accused of drug smuggling and once again in an attempt to charge murder.

Q.5 What is the net worth of Trick Daddy?

Ans: As of 2022, Trick Daddy’s net worth is approximately around $150,000.

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