Scribd MOD APK v11.7 [Free Subscription] Unlimited Content

Scribd MOD APK

Scribd MOD APK:- Scribd is one of the most popular readers that contain millions of books in its pre-build library. After registration, you will get a 30-day free trial account, where you can read all the desired books without paying a single tiny.

This is one of the best ways to read your favorite books online for free. Free days trial or demo account is the way to grab the attention of the book reader/lovers. Apart from that, Scribd enables you to download multiple files from a single URL, that are divided into different categories, tags, groups, or constant folders.

Moreover, Scribd provides free traffic analysis thus you can realize, how many users viewed, and downloaded their material.

Scribd MOD APK Overview

As we are aware, Scribd is a free application for the first 30 days. After the expiration of the free trial, you have to subscribe to the plan for $8.99 on Scribed platform. If you are not satisfied you can cancel at any time, useful feature of Scribd is that you can register or deregister monthly.

If you register on Scribd you will be able to get three books, one to read, and one audiobook depending on your subscribed plan. Apart from that, users can use customizable suggestions as well as editorial suggestions and hot topics.

Moreover, Scribd provides iPaper Document Reader support for many categories of famous document file formats. Famous application, Scribd is better compared to others, it charges only $8.99 a month, and provides a wide variety of books to read.

Apart from that, there are numerous fairy tales, articles, scientific studies, and audiobooks available, which are really helpful for users to download documents. As we discussed, Scribd almost always has regular audiobooks and regular books. Apart from that, It supports different devices iPad, or laptops to read books on Scribd.

How to use Scribd MOD APK thoroughly?

If you are interested in us Scribd, open the website at and find the signup link in the right corner to create the account. Fill in the required fields (like email, password, and username) to register and open your Gmail inbox to verify your account.

After email verification, click on the login button and put the information in the required fields to open your dashboard. The application, Scribd is a huge document library with tens of millions of real works which are written in almost all languages of the world. The library on Scribd can be used, viewed, and download for free.

If you want to explore, you can click on the File Explorer button to do this. After clicking on the button a list of topics grouped, like manuals, scriptures, applications, and books will appear, which will organize. If you want to open the desired document, click an item in the left pane.

Now you can search your desired document in any language by hovering the mouse pointer over the English section. The ad will display in the language of the document of a specific group. There are sorting options as well, you can sort the document by size in the length section.

You can find the large or small size of documents from Scribd with over 100 pages. The most interesting feature of Scribd is that you can also search for the documents by type of file. If you want to see the list of document file types, hover over all the file types and select the type of the desired document.

Scribd Mod APK Features

To collaborate and enhance the quality and reality ability of the application. Scribd provides different important features that are really helpful for the user to read general books and audiobooks. The following are the most important features of the Scribd application.

Algorithm Recommendations By Scribd

If you are also a user of Scribd, as you explore the catalog of the application, you can save the books that become the cause of your interest. Apart from that, Scribd has a strong algorithm that gives very close suggestions to its users to provide the most likely books and audiobooks.

Various Content

If you are fond of reading magazines on the application, you can also be able to read the magazines as well. There are different kinds of magazines are available on the Scribd Mod APK.

Apart from the Magazine, the newspapers are also available on the application. If you want to read some specific articles and research papers, these are also available on the application. Shortly, if you are fond of reading to can get enough content to read peacefully.

Scribd Pricing

The service named Scribed is not completely free, however, it has its free version as well. If you’re using a free version of Scribd, you will get only 3 free content per month.

If you want to access all the features on Scribd, you have to purchase the premium package of Scribd. The platform will charge a specific amount of money to provide the access to all the premium content. The platform Scribd will charge only $8.99 to give access to all the content like books, audiobooks, documents, magazines, and newspapers.

It will allow you to choose four parts of the monthly paid content and use all the premium features such as downloading for offline reading and printing the content.

If you are creating a new account on Scribd, the platform will provide you thirty a days trial with no restriction, it’s completely free for new users. Apart from that, it also provides a referral system, you can invite friends to join the platform for two months of free membership.

If you invite a friend and he purchased the plan on Scribd you will get one month free on Scribd. As we are aware, Scribd is paid application with millions of books, ebooks, and audiobooks to read or listen to.

If you want to enjoy the application you have to purchase the premium subscription to the platform, which is only $8.99 per month. If you will use the Scribd MOD APK 2022 latest version you need not pay anything to the platform. You’ll be able to access all the premium content for free.

Cancelation of Subscription

When you activate the new free trial on Scribd, renewal of the subscription will be also activated automatically. If you want to use only trail on Scribd, you can unsubscribe from the plan at any time without hesitation.

If you want to unsubscribe from the plan, you need to open the small person icon in the top right corner, then click on the Account setting to open the complete set.

After that, click on the Cancel button existing at the bottom and you can cancel your subscription. Apart from canceling the subscription, you can turn off the auto-renewal to proceed with your free trial.

Unlimited Content

If you are a book reader, the Scribd platform is best for you to read countless books. Scribd Mod APK provided unlimited Books, that enable you to read and download unlimited audiobooks, ebooks, and other content from different categories like Non-Fiction, Travel, Business, and many others.

Get Direct Access to Scribd Mod APK

Normally, if you want to use the general Scribd application, you have to register for a 30-day free trial by submitting your debit, credit, visa card, or PayPal information to get access to the content. But if you will use the modified version of Scribd you need not signup on to the platform. After installing the application you’ll get access to all content.

Huge Music Collection

If you’re a Scribd user, you might know this application provide countless sheet music library that is really useful for the users. The application Scribd mod apk provides you with a very good listening experience to a famous single by well know singers and classical music as well.

Diversity Titles with Quality

The wide range of literature accessible in audiobooks, ebooks, books, and some other formats are really impressive. There are numerous amazing novels by African American Native American and Asian American authors to provide quality diversity content on Scribd.

All the titles on Scribd provided a large range of genres such as classics current and latest releases. Apart from that, this app has also a diverse selection of titles from numerous genres.

After you first register on Scribd, you will be redirected to the overview screen to see the most famous books accessible on the application and some novels also exist that are selling best overall. This overview on Scribd APK will guide you on which book is best for you to read.

User Interface with Better Experience

If you use the Scribd application, you will find that the registration process is very simple and quick. If you want to grab the free 30 days trial to access all content, you’ll need to provide payment details immediately.

When your free trial reaches to end the platform will send you an email alert which is very useful for the user to remind it. When you registered on Scribd, the platform will ask some questions about your loving reading medium, books, ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers,s and magazines.

Apart from that, the platform also asks you to save fewer titles when you registered for the first time. All these details will be used to curate the initial selection that you will see on the first  Scribd screen.

There are numerous categories in the application, after registration when you’ve logged in the page will be divided into different categories such as ebooks, Periodicals, and curated lists at the bottom. There is a prebuild filter in the platform, you can customize all the above options by using a top-level filter.

The top-level filter will enable you to see one category, numerous genres, and so on. This is one of the best features to reach out to the specific category or option on Scribd, It’s an amazing feature of the platform Scribd that you can customize the option.

The ebooks on the platform have different kinds of text and backdrop setting and bookmarking automatic space saving through all the devices. The audiobook feature supports several speeds and synchronization through the application Scribd.

Further important features of Scribd MOD APK

  1. Having a cool and good user interface to understand things easily.
  2. Scribd provides downloadable content to save on your device.
  3. The platform is full of well-known publishers to provide quality content.
  4. Scribd platform has the feature that, it allows the user to read the content in Offline mode.
  5. Different filters are available on Scribd to customize things.

Premium Scribd for Free with Scribd MOD APK

As we are aware, Scribd is a paid platform to access thousands of amazing books, ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, and articles. After the free trial, you must have a premium subscription to proceed with your reading journey on the great platform Scribd.

If you are involved in Scribd for a long time, you know that readers have to register for a free trial by giving payment information like PayPal or debit card information. But Scribd MOD APK is a premium modified application that will enable you to access all the premium content for free. You need not worry about registering or providing payment information.

Scribd MOD APK with Ad-free content

If you’ll use the Scribd Mod APK, you will find all the content free of irritating ads. However, some application has different irritating ads that irritate the user to use the platforms. So, don’t hesitate to use Scribd MOD APK, it is completely safe and easier to use.

Major Functions of Scribd App

  • Overview:- This is the default page of Scribd, where you can see recent history like read titles, recommended tiles, and related content.
  • Books:- In Scribd, there is a dedication section to only books, which are categories such as bestsellers, new technology, learning to code, and more.
  • Audiobooks:- On the platform, there are numerous audiobooks to listen to, you can choose the desired audiobook to listen to.
  • Magazine:- The amazing platform Scribd has a magazine section, which is a great feature. You can select from available categories like current affairs, technology, politics, science, career & money, and many others.
  • News:- There is a news section in the Scribd app as well, where you can stay up to date with the world by the Scribd news section. In Scribd, there are all types of articles from famous newspapers like The Guardian, the New York Times, and the Financial Times to read for free with your free trial.

Is Scribd Mod APK available on the Google play store? if not why?

On the google play store, there is no moded application available. On the Google Play store, there are millions of games & apps available and the apps need to have some set of rules as directed by Google.

If we talk about specifically Scribd MOD APK, it doesn’t meet the set of rules by Google because Google play store doesn’t provide the modified or premium versions of any game or application. This is the major reason Scribd Mod APK does not exist on the google play store.

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How to Install Scribd Mod APK on android devices?

If you want to install Scribd MOD APK Premium 2022, you need to uninstall the previous version of this game. After this go to your device setting and click on security and then enable unknown source (perform this action if your installation doesn’t start).

After enabling the unknown resource, now you can install Scribd MOD APK latest version 2022 by following simple steps. Following are the steps to install the application on your android device.

  1. Click on the Download Now button under the feature image on beingpedia.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds to start downloading the modified APK file.
  3. Wait for download completion, then save the moded file to your desired folder/directory.
  4. Click on the setup to install the modified game.
  5. Follow the instruction packed inside.
  6. Once the installation process is complete, you can enjoy the amazing APK.

How to install Scribd Mod APK for PC/Laptop?

By following simple and easy steps to install Scribd MOD APK on your PC or laptop. The first option is that you

  1. can use NOX player and Bluetacks to do this. Follow the following steps to install the application.
  2. After downloading the Scribd MOD APK, you have to install the emulator.
  3. Then, you need to execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” to install the application.
  4. After completing the installation process, click on the launch button to use the application.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is Scribd used for?

Scribd is a platform that, provide quality content for the reader like books, ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and newspaper to read. It is very user-friendly and useful for those who are fond of reading the content.

Is Scribd MOD APK safer and legal to use?

According to Scribd that” it is a complete complaint with DMCA and all applicable laws”. In our case, we’ve not faced any problems or concerns with our personal data or payment card details.

How can we access all content on Scribd?

If you want to get access to all the premium content on the Scribd platform. You can register on Scribd and get a 30-day free trial to access all the content. If you want to use all the premium content regularly, you need to purchase their subscription plan for $8.99 price.

Can we unsubscribe from Scribd after expiring the free trial?

Yes, the platform allows you to cancel the subscription at any time, otherwise, the platform will charge you $8.99 per month if your auto-renewal is turned on. You can disable the auto-renewal on the platform Scribd as well.

How much Scribd will charge after expiring the free trial?

Scribd will provide a thirty-day free trial, after consuming a free trial it will charge $8.99 per month to get access to all the content.

Is Scribd free or paid?

Legendary platform Scribd is paid and at the same time, it is free as well. If you are using the free version of Scribd, you will be able to access 2 content each month facing many limitations. If you want to read unlimited content you need to purchase a subscription to access all content. If you are unable to pay money to the platform, you can use Scribd MOD APK Premium 2022 for free, just download it from beingpedia for free.

How much will Scribd Charge?

Famous application Scribd will provide a thirty-day free trial for your first registration, where you can get access to all the premium content. After expiring the free trial, you need to purchase the subscription on Scribd, which is $8.99 per month.


So, that was everything about Scribd MOD APK, hope you are clear about each thing. I think now you are able to decide, whether you should use Scribd mod APK 2022 or not. Still confused? Please leave your question under the comment section, or feel free to fill in the required fields in the contact us pages. Our experts are waiting for you to guide you properly. You can also find more mod applications from beingpedia. Thank you for your time.

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