Rocco Ritchie Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Actor Actually

Did you know Rocco Ritchie net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Rocco Ritchie. So, keep reading to know who is Rocco Ritchie actually. Rocco Ritchie is a famous American model and actor and he is well known for his roles in several movies such as I’m Going to Tell You a Secret in 2005, Madonna: The MDNA Tour in 2013, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2003. As of the current date of March 2022, Rocco Ritchie net worth is approximately around $1 million.

Full Name Rocco Ritchie
Date of Birth 11 August 2000
Birthplace Los Angeles, USA
Source of Wealth Actor
Relationship Status Single
Height N/A
Net Worth $1 Million

Professional Career & Rocco Ritchie Net Worth

Rocco Ritchie debuted his career, when he was only five years old, when he was featured in a documentary titled “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret.”He also made a contract with Adidas Company as a Model. He was a member of the superstar family and he become popular. He made his various appearances with her parents’ father Ellen DeGeneres and mother Madonna.

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Apart from that, at this time, he is still a teenager and has not revealed his upcoming projects or any kind of future planning. The parents of Rocco are high-profile celebrities with a lot of net worth of father with $150 million and his mother with $800 million. In the year 2018, Rocco Ritchie net worth also has been good enough.

Early Life

The date of birth of Rocco Ritchie is 11 August 2000 and his birthplace is Los Angeles, USA. He is the child of high profile authorities father Guy Ritchie’s and mother Madonna. The zodiac sign of Rocco Ritchie is a Leo and he has an American identity and a mixed nationality “French Canadian, Italian and English plummet”.

As of now, we are unable to collect his deep information such as his height, weight, and physical measurement of Rocco Ritchie. He has 3,371 followers on his Instagram profile 101 Followers on Twitter as of the current date of March 2022.

Who are the Parents of Rocco Ritchie?

Rocco Ritchie is a son of Guy Ritchie and Madonna and her mother is one of the music industry geniuses and Fellow Ritchie an acclaimed chief and essayist. As per the news, Rocco has six siblings on both sides of his family.

The parents of Rocco got married in September 2000. As per a report in the year 2018, his parents decided to divorce and they separated due to some unknown reason. Some news also says, he became tired of living with his mom and went to live with his father.

Personal Life

Currently, he is not married and he also didn’t reveal his personal life publicly, nor did he state his upcoming projects. He might be in a relationship with someone, but we are not aware in regard to his relationship status. However, some news claimed that, in the year 2017, Rocco Ritchie dated to a pop singer named “Chantelle Lee”.

Even Rocco introduce the girl as a girlfriend to his father. Eventually, the couple was separated in the year 2018, because Rocco was too reluctant to commit and Chantelle dumped him for Roman Kemp. Some news says that when the couple separated Rocco is devastated and his ex had been seen kissing a man in August 2018

Rocco Ritchie Net Worth

Being a member of the high-profile authority, he made several appearances with his parents and made a good fortune. But at this time, we are unable to collect the exact income statistics of Rocco Ritchie. However, As per the news, Rocco Ritchie net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of the current date of March 2022. He might resume her career in the future and earn a handsome amount of money.

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