PUBG MOBILE LITE APK v0.23.0 Free Download Android APK File

With PUBG Mobile Lite APK also enjoying a good market presence, the amazing game PUBG Mobile application has become the most engaging and famous worldwide.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next PUBG Mobile Lite APK update since September 2021. As of yet, no details are disclosed concerning it by the developers

On PUBG MOBILE LITE APK, a brand new gameplay mode known as payload mode is now available. Would you like to play it? It’s time to begin the adventure!

  • Gather your weapons, load your guns, fire at the invaders, and stay alive until the end of the battle.
  • Payload mode gives access to you that attack your enemies within the air by taking a helicopter.
  • Cooperate or collaborate with your team, in individualized ways to express wisdom & win the game!

Pre Features of Pubg Mobile lite APK

Since the Pubg Mobile Lite has been published there haven’t been made major changes. The 0.22.0 update was delivered with new cosmetic items that specialize in upgraded gun skins. Pubg fighters can get a notice of these items within the video above.


Players land on a rich field 2km x 2km island and fight for defense on a battlefield. Look for vehicles, weapons, and supplies to help you fight. This game endorses many languages: English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German, French Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, ETC

Fair gaming Invoice

An advanced cheating protection feature has been installed for all PUBG MOBILE LITE APK players that can enjoy a good gaming experience.

Building Team with friends

Local team making and modes make it easy to play with friends anywhere.

Graphic Scene and Sound

PUBG creates natural gameplay on expansive HD maps… High audio and 3D sound effects let you Play like never before.


Invite friends to play and use voice chat to work out for winning together. Set up Secretly and imperceptibly your enemies’ attack. Save friends in the battle and fight for Tribe supremacy


There is a smaller map for 60 players in this game.

HD Map

Hd map makes it easy to find someone around you.

Voice Chat

Voice chat is also available in it players can discuss each other in-game.

Fair Game

There is a fair gaming environment in this game. Any player can not be made to cheat in the game.

Wide range of Smartphones

For making it easy to play many players in a wider range of smart Phones can now play this game.

Bugs Fixes

All the bugs have been fixed now 

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Anti-Cheating Report:

PUBG game developers introduced the device ban feature in the amazing game PUBG. Earlier today, they published their anti-cheat report, where they announced that they had permanently suspended several accounts last week for cheating in the game.

“From 6/24 to 6/30, PUBG Game developer has suspended 467,767 accounts and 5,022 devices as well. During week 25, we removed 12,789 online cheat ads with 218,462,827 followers and views.”

PUBG Mobile Ban Feature

The biggest problem for every game developer is hackers and cheaters, as they ruin the game experience by using cheats to get an advantage in the game. 

Tencent is facing the same problem with their popular Battle Royale title, PUBG Mobile Lite APK. The title is one of the most popular Battle Royale mobile games around the world, and millions of users actively playing the game.

 Naturally, Krafton is trying its best to provide the best gaming experience to the players, and to ensure this, they are continuously banning hackers and cheaters.

To prevent cheaters and hackers, Tencent introduced the Ban Pan 2.0 anti-cheat system in the game. The improved version of the anti-cheat system scans the device for malicious files and apps before getting into the game.

While an ongoing match, the system detects the hacks and cheats with the eagle eye system (introduced with the Ban Pan 2.0) and bans the cheater during the game.

Guide for players to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.22.0 update

Pubg Mobile Lite APK is only available for Android devices and players can download the game through the Google Play Store. An option to download and install the game through the APK file is also available.

Moreover, the developers provide the APK file on the official webpage. Thus, users do not need to utilize any third-party website.

Installing Steps

Step 1:

 After you have landed on the given webpage, you need to press the button to download the APK file.

The APK file size on the official website is 714 MB and you may need additional space for other resources within the game.

Step 2: 

Once you have downloaded the file, you may go ahead and install it. However, you must ensure that the “Install from Unknown Source” setting has been enabled.

Step 3:

 After the installation is complete, you can go ahead and sign in to your existing PUBG Mobile Lite APK account and begin playing the game.

Sometimes you may face problems while installing the APK, and the error may state that the package could not be parsed. In this scenario, the best alternative would be to re-download the APK from the official website and attempt the installation once again.


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