Nathan Chen Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Skater Actually

Did you know the Nathan Chen net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Chen. So, keep reading to know who is Nathan Chen actually. Nathan Chen is a famous American figure skater and he is well recognized being a world-time champion.

In the competition of 2020-2021, Nathan is the first one that has landed 5 types of quadruple jumps in competition and he is one of the powerful men who has been undefeated in every competition. In addition, he is the one who holds world records for the free skate and combined score. Nathan Chen net worth is approximately around $2 million as of the current date of Feb 4th, 2022.

Full Name Nathan Chen
Date of Birth 5 May 1999
Birthplace Utah, United States
Profession Figure Skater
Marital Status Single
Height  1.8 m.
Net Worth $2 Million

Professional Career and Nathan Chen Net Worth

According to some reports, he was passionate about his career since his childhood. At the very little age of 3, Chen began skating and Nathan Chen began skating with his sister’s white skate shoes. Chen decided to use his passion to make his career.  He is the guy, who is one of the Olympians, Grand Prix Final champions, and he is the six-time national champion as well.

Moreover, he has 5 types of quadruple jumps in a competition and he had never been defeated in every competition from 2020-to 2021. Nathan Chen is one who is the world record holder for the free skate and combined score, similarly, he made many other achievements is his very little age.

Most of his wealth he made by being one of the top figure skaters in the United States. Furthermore, Chen has represented the USA in various international competitions and he is the world champion which is the cause to boost Nathan Chen net worth.

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Early Life

The date of birth of Nathan Chen is May 5, 1999, and his birthplace is Utah United States. The parents of Chen belonged to China and they had shifted to America, and the name of his parents are Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang. If we talk about his siblings, he has four siblings named “Colin”, “Tony”, “Janice”, and “Alice”.

The profession of his father is a research scientist and his mother’s profession is a medical translator. Nathan Chen got his early education from high school at California Connections Academy. After completing his education from high school, he started to take interest in Skating and start moving further in this field.

Moreover, he got training in gymnastics, and now he is well trained. At this time he is studying at Yale University and currently, he is on leave to prepare well for the current year 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Now let’s take a look at Nathan Chen net worth and other important facts.

Personal Life

There is a lack of his personal information because Nathan Chen has never revealed his personal information publicly. So, we can assume that still he is taking complete focus on his career and education.

So, Nathan is single having no news about his love affair, relationship, or marital status. Although, some news says that, he is very close to his family and heart love with them. Moreover, he keeps himself active on almost every social media platform and informs his fans of impressive achievements.

Age, Height, Weight, & Physical Measurements

As of the current date of 4th Feb 2022, Nathan Chen’s age is 22 years, 8 months, 4 weeks, and 2 days. Likewise, Nathan’s height is around 1.8 meters with a weight of approx 80 KG. However, Nathan’s other physical measurements are unavailable.

Nathan Chen’s Social Media Presence

Through his skating career, he made fame, popularity, and a huge fan following on almost every social media platform. On Instagram, Nathan Chen has more than 393k followers as of the current date of 2022, and the number of followers is increasing consistently. Likewise, Nathan Chen has over 91.2K Followers on Twitter. 

Nathan Chen Net Worth

Net Worth (2022) $2 Million
Net Worth (2021) $2 Million
Net Worth (2020) $1.7 Million
Net Worth (2019) $1.5 Million
Net Worth (2018) $1.2 Million
Net Worth (2017) $1 Million

Being well known as a world skating champion, Nathan Chen net worth is good enough to spend a luxurious lifestyle. Most of his fortune, he collected from his career of skating and he is still struggling hard to boost his wealth. At this time, he is in the early years of his career, he might collect a handsome amount of wealth in the future because Chen is working with passion. Nathan Chen net worth is approximately around $2 million as of the current date of Feb 2022.

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