Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Download Link Leaked On Hdhub4u

Movie Nadi Dosh (2022)

Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Download Link Leaked On Hdhub4u and also on different other pirated websites. Nadi Dosh Movie 2022, is an Indian, romantic-drama-comedy movie in the Gujrati language. This movie is directed by a renowned Indian personality named “Krishnadev Yagnik”, who is famous for his work in Gujarati Cinema.

He has done numerous projects like Days of Tafree, Use, Karsandas Pay, Chhello Divas, and many others. The story writer of this movie is written by a director named “Krishnadev”.

Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Download

The lead entertainers of this movie such as Janki Bodiwala, Prashant Barot, Ashish Kakkad, Maitri Joshi, Yash Soni, and Raunaq Kamdar Dipipka Raval, Ridham Rajyaguru, and Ravi Gohil.

The producer of this movie is also a famous Indian artists named “Harshad Shah, Nilay Chotai, and Munna Shukul. Every character in this movie performed very well and showed their acting skill in a very well manner.

Rahul Goswami.

According to the reports on IMDb, the movie Nadi Dosh was released on June 17, 2022. Some reports, Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Download Link Leaked On Hdhub4u and some other pirated websites. This is a completely illegal response, we discourage you to use the pirate/illegal content. We suggest you watch this movie from legal resources.

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Now we are going to reveal all information about the movie Nadi Dosh movie 2022, such as the trailer, Official language, date of release, cast & crews, and storyline.

The Short Storyline of the Movie Nadi Dosh (2022)

Now let’s take a look at the storyline of the movie Nadi Dosh, this movie is based on two lovers named “Riddhi and Kevin”. The characters of Riddhi and Kevin have been played by Janki Bodiwala and Naadi Dosh respectively. Some reports claimed that Naadi Dosh is an old and dogmatic faith.

Rahul Goswami.

Nadi Dosh Movie (2022) Cast & Crew

  1. Yash Soni.
  2. Janki Bodiwala.
  3. Kalpesh Shukal.
  4. Ronak Madgut.
  5. Raunaq Kamdar.
  6. Chinmay Parmar.
  7. Ditya Mistry.
  8. Ravi Gohil.
  9. Prashant Barot.
  10. Dipika Raval.
  11. Ashish Kakkad.
  12. Ratilal Parmar.
  13. Maitri Joshi.
  14. Ridham Rajyaguru.
  15. Karan Dave
  16. Rahul Goswami.

Lead Roles and Off-Screen Workers of the Movie Nadi Dosh (2022)

There are some other actors who have performed very well in the movie like Raunaq Kamdar performed as Kunal Dipika Raval performed as Krupa and Ashish Kakkad performed as Kamlesh. Apart from that, there are many other characters also included in the movie.

This romantic-drama movie is produced under the production companies Big Box Series, Ananta Businesscrop, and Shukul Studios. Panorama Studios are the distributor of this movie.

Movie Nadi Dosh (2022)

In the movie Nadi Dosh, there are two songs are included such as Chandaliyo and Lava Lavi. As per the report, all the music work has been managed by Kedar Bhargav under the record label Panorama Studios.

All the Cinematography work has been handled by Haresh Bhanushali and Prashant Gohel. Similarly, all the editing work has been done by Nirav Panchal with his team.

According to some reports, the running time duration of this movie is about 2 hours 11 minutes (overall 131.8 minutes). The approx budget of this movie is roughly around ₹41,500,000.

Movie Nadi Dosh (2022)

Some reports claimed that the accurate spelling of this movie is “Naadi Dosh”. Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Download link is available on different pirated websites. We highly recommend you to use this movie from legal websites and you should purchase a subscription to watch this amazing movie or go to the nearby theatre or cinema.

Nadi Dosh Movie 2022 Trailer

Naadi Dosh Full Movie Details, Wiki (Language, Budget, & Release Date)

Full Movie Name Naadi Dosh (2022)
Movie Release Date June 17, 2022
Written By Krishnadev Yagnik
Directed By Krishnadev Yagnik
Genre Drama-Family-Romantic
Produced By Harshad Shah, Nilay Chotai, and Munna Shukul
Edited By Nirav Panchal
Cinematographers Haresh Bhanushali and Prashant Gohel
Record Label Panorama Studios
Music By Kedar-Bhargav
Estimated Budget ₹41,500,000
Running Time Duration 2 hours 11 minutes
Movie Official Language Gujarati

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 When was the movie Naadi Dosh released?

Ans: The Romantic-Family-Drama movie was released on June 17, 2022

Q.2 Who is the director and writer of this movie?

Ans: Krishnadev Yagnik is the writer and director of the movie Naadi Dosh.

Q.3 How many songs are included in the movie Naadi Dosh?

Ans: Only two songs (Lava Lavvi and Chandaliyo) are included in the movie.

Q.4 What is the official language of the movie Naadi Dosh?

Ans: Gujarati is the official language of the movie.

Q.5 Who has performed the lead roles in the movie?

Ans: Following artists have performed the lead role such as Yash Soni, Janki Bodiwala, Ratilal Parmar, Prashant Barot, Ashish Kakkad, Raunaq Kamdar, and Dipika Rava.

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