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Lisa Frank Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, & Career of Businesswoman?

Lisa Frank Net Worth in 2021
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Lisa Frank Net Worth:- Lisa Frank is a famous American businesswoman. She is the most famous and popular businesswoman in the United States of America with American nationality.

At this time her age is 66 years. She is the founder or owner of Lisa Frank Incorporated which well-known foundation at this time.

The purpose of her foundation is to produce waggish commercial designs for school supplies which are sold especially for children.

There are various features in Lisa’s commercial design that are neon colors, rainbows, and several animals such as dolphins, pandas, and unicorns.

Like other businesswomen. Lisa Frank net worth is approximately around $200 million, which is good enough for living a luxurious lifestyle.

Name Lisa Frank
Date of Birth 21, April 1955
Birth Place Michigan, United States
Profession Businesswoman
Ex-husband James Green
Net Worth  $200 Million

Personal Life Life of Lisa Frank

A popular businesswoman Lisa Frank is married. She got married to James A. Green. He was serving as President and CEO of her foundation (Lisa Frank Incorporation) from 1990 to October 2005.

In the year of 1994, she got married to the CEO of her foundation. They have two sons from this marriage named “Forest and Hunter”.

After living almost 11 years together, in September 2005, Lisa demand a divorce from her husband James. After this, she sued James to remove him from her company.

So, her ex-husband resigned from the company in October 2005. The court decided to give full authorization of the whole company to Lisa Frank.

The early life of Lisa Frank

The owner of the foundation Lisa Frank is well known as a business executive. Lisa Frank (Founder of Lisa Production) was born on 21 April 1955 in Michigan.

The famous actress Mila Kunis was involved in various Lisa Frank commercials and print campaigns as a kid. The huge foundation was founded in the year 1979. At that time Lisa’s age was only 24 years. Thus, Lisa Frank was a household name for youth by the 1990s.

Lisa’s father was an art collector. Behind the success of Lisa, there are huge blessings of her father. Her father introduced his daughter to the artwork. She got to meet well-known Pop Art artists such as Peter Max.

Now take a look at her educational career. she had studied at the Cranbrook Kingswood School which is located in Michigan.

So, after getting the certification of graduation in the year 1972, She got admission to the University of Arizona where she studied art.

During her studies at the University, once she arrived with a line of plastic jewelry, she gave herself the name Sticky Fingers.

Lisa Frank is one of the most successful Businesswoman executives and she has ranked on the top list of those famous persons who got birth on the same date as her.

Professional Career & Lisa Frank Net Worth

Before moving further at the net worth of Lisa Frank first, let’s discuss her career. As we know about plastic jewelry which we discuss in the above section.

That plastic jewelry was made up of novelty characters colorful fruit, pendants, and some kind of animated cartoon characters, her design looks like a Betty Boop.

She creates the first set of amazing stickers with the help of that plastic jewelry. So, after this in the year 1979, She established a private company named “Lisa Frank incorporated” at the age of 24.

In the beginning days of her company, it produced only stickers featuring her real character and designs. Thus, all the designs of her company were amazing just superb and were created with colored airbrush techniques which took about 9 to 36 hours to complete.

In the year 1987, her company got more progress and she started to produce school supplies for children. Those were created with features of Frank’s original designs.

In this way, the progress of her company was going to grow because school supplies were getting more fame through the children.

Her company got more fame and popularity when she started to produce artwork featuring rainbows, stylized depictions, neon colors, and animals like pandas, dolphins, and unicorns.

Due to her valuable, high-quality products, Lisa’s foundation had gotten more fame. So, in the 1980s and 1990s, her foundation started school supplies such as Trapper Keepers, stickers, and toys and it became the first choice of elementary girls and middle school. Now take a look at the net worth of Lisa Frank and her partners.

Frank’s Partners

For the purpose to release limited Reebok Classic leather shoes, she made a partnership contract with Reebok in the year 2017.

She also produces many products for various celebrities and TV shows, such as she designed a logo for a singer and guitarist, named “John Mayer’s” Instagram Television series named “Current Mood”.

In the year 2020, she made a partnership with Morphe Cosmetics to introduce Morphe X Frank. In the Morphe X Frank, such things are included three limited editions of makeup brushes, beauty sponges, and makeup athletes. So, in this way, the foundation of Franks now touches the high peaks of success.

Lisa Frank Net Worth

Lisa Frank net worth is roughly around $200 million, which is good enough for living a luxurious lifestyle. She has collected all of her company Lisa Frank Incorporated. Because her company is successful for throughout four decades. According to some reports from the date of establishment (1979) till her divorce, her company made a huge wealth.

Important facts about the Lisa Frank

  • Lisa Frank net worth is $200 million approx.
  • She had got married to the CEO of her company.
  • Lisa got a divorce in October 2005.
  • Lisa put the name of her foundation to her name.
  • In 2017 she deal with Reebok
  • She made a partnership with Morphe Cosmetics to introduce Morphe X Frank in 2020.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

Q.1 What is the name of Lisa’s company?

Ans: Her company name is “Lisa Frank Incorporated“.

Q.2 Is the owner of the foundation Lisa Frank Married?

Ans: After her divorce, there is no news about her second marriage.

Q.3 How old is Lisa Frank?

Ans: As of 2021, she is 66 years old.

Q.4 What is Lisa Frank Net Worth?

Ans: The net worth of Lisa Frank is good enough for living a luxurious lifestyle.

Q.5 What is the name of her Ex-husband?

Ans: Her ex-husband’s name was James A. Green.

Closing Up Now

So, here is everything, we have collected all information about the net worth of Lisa Frank in 2021. Also, we provided you with the complete details of Lisa such as their career, personal life, and early life.

So we hoped you will be satisfied with this useful information. If you have any questions or suggestions regards to this article please don’t hesitate to leave feedback in the comment section below. The Beingpedia team is available for you to support your query. Thank you for Reading!

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