Lisa Barlow Net Worth 2022: How Rich is RHOSLC Actually

Lisa Barlow Net Worth

Did you know Lisa Barlow net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Lisa Barlow. So, keep reading to know who is Lisa Barlow actually. Lisa Barlow is a famous American TV personality and businesswoman, she is well recognized for her appearance in “The Real of Salt Lake City”.Lisa Barlow net worth is approximately around $4 million as of the current date of Feb 2022.

Full Name Lisa Barlow
Date of Birth 14 December 1974 
Birthplace New York, USA
Profession Television / Businesswoman
Marital Status John Barlow
Height 5 ft. 6 in. / 1.70 m.
Net Worth $4 Million

Professional Career & Lisa Barlow Net Worth

Famous actress and TV personality Lisa started her appearance since then The Real House of Salt Lake City debuted on Bravo in the year 2020. According to the statistics of Screen Rant, Lisa made a wealth between $50,000 and $100,000 in the first season.

In November 2021, the second season was premiered, we are no exact statistics that how much she earned from those 20 seasons. Till now she is the main cast member of RHOSLC and this is only acting credit in the current date of 2022.

According to some reports, Lisa charges $50,000 and 100,000 per season and Lisa Barlow net worth is $4 million, which she made in RHOSLC. Famous Lisa is the operator and owner of her very own marketing company named “LUXE”. Lisa made a well-known name within the industry of entertainment.

Being a CEO of LUXE, she declared on her website her company is known for “making things happen: from finding the perfect deal for a celebrity to making the perfect space and environment for launching a new movie or television show”.

In addition, famous television personality Lisa Barlow is the founder of an alcohol company as well and the company’s name is “VIDA TEQUILA”. Lisa got the idea in the year 2003 and she officially launched in the year 2007.

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Early Life

The date of birth of Lisa Barlow is December 1974 and her birthplace is the state of New York. The parents’ detail of Lisa’s in unknown and some news says she has four sisters and a single brother. One of her sisters is a twin named “Genia” and profession of her sister is the director and founder of a clothing line named “She Is Like Eve”.

Lisa Barlow grew up in New York, Later on, she shifted to Utah for education purposes. Furthermore, Lisa Barlow joined BYU (Bringham Young University). Being a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Barlow believes in the Mormon faith.

Although, Lisa doesn’t follow the traditional rules of the religion and she thinks being a Mormon is all about having “a higher conscious level of self”.Some authentic reports say that 68.55% of the state of Utah is Mormon, and this percentage is the highest of all the fifty states.

Personal Life

Lisa Barlow married John 20 years before and the couple shared two sons named “Jack” and “Henry”. The couple Lisa and John has been living happily married life with their two sons. Moreover, the name of their oldest son Jack and he is an expert in men’s grooming products.

The couple John and Lisa have worked together on several projects over years. Recently they launched a shampoo line named “Fresh Wolf”.Lisa Barlow with her family has been living in Utah for more than 20 years. According to some reports, she spent most of her time in Park City and the state’s capital of Salt Lake City.

Lisa Barlow Social Media Presence

Throughout her career, Lisa Barlow made a huge amount of fan following on almost every social media platform. On Instagram, Lisa has more than 222k followers. Likewise, on Twitter Lisa Barlow has over 59.7K Followers.

Lisa Barlow Net Worth 2022

Throughout her RHOSLC career, Lisa Barlow net worth is good enough and she is still struggling and contributing her time and money to her owned business to boost her net worth. All of her wealth is collected from her struggled and consistently worked. Being getting paid from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to being a successful businesswoman in various aspects, Lisa is really a legend and hardworking lady. Lisa Barlow net worth is approximately around $4 million as of the current date of Feb 2022.

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