Jen Shah Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Reality Star Actually

Did you know Jen Shah net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Jen Shah, so keep reading to know who is Jen Shah actually. Jen Shah is a prominent face in the USA in the world of television. Which is famous in the Bravo reality TV show” The real housewives of salt lake city“. AS of 2021, the net worth of Jen Shah is approximately around $3 million. The exact net worth of Jen Shah in the current year 2022 will be updated soon. Jen shah is the most famous and fabulous personality in America.

She is also an entrepreneur and marketing genius and expert. She has founded huge companies JXA Fashion, another one is The Real Shah Lashes and Shah Beauty. All these three companies were founded by Jen Shah

Name Jen Shah
Date of Birth 4 October 1971
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, U. S.
Jen Shah Profession Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star
Jen’s Husband Sharrieff Shah Jr
Jen Shah Net Worth $3 million

Family and Early Life of Jen Shah

As we mentioned in Jen shah’s net worth. She was born 4th October 1873 in United State (Salt Lake City, Utah) to parents Sione Kaisa Lui and Charlene Bonnie Vincent Lui. Jen’s father Sione Kaisa Was a good player who passed away 3 years ago in the year 2018. Jen Shah belongs to a mixed ethical background, Hawaiian, Tongan, and a bit Chines. She grew up with her five siblings such as Judd, Jessica, Jerrit, Jacob, and John.

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Professional Career and Jen shah Net worth

The net worth of Jen Shah rose to prominence when she get an appearance in the reality TV Show which is “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”. She was so lucky to get appointed in the first season of that show. The series of that show started broadcasting on Bravo TV in November 2020. It presents the professional and personal life story of six females living in city salt lake.

Before getting fame as a reality TV star, she has worked in the business of marketing for more than 20 years. By her hard work and dedication Jen shah has founded three huge marking companies; JXA Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes. So, you can call her an amazing lady.

After knowing Jen shah’s net worth now we are going to discuss them currently working with her. She is currently working in direct response marketing. Using her marketing power, she is also producing infomercials, print campaigns, and mailing directly.

It’s not a wonder, her exceptional business skill has made her a more powerful businesswoman. Jen shah is a demanding businesswoman and is pretty busy in her career. She usually has to travel to different places to conduct her work and manage her business. It is revealed that she has four big homes in the city of New York. In addition to this, She has also her own apartment.

Jen shah hired many assistants for the reality show to help her look fabulous, attractive, and more organized. She has even appointed more staff to help her during the COVID-19 crisis. She is also a humble lady as well. This is the reason that seems to be at the top of the game in the show. Throughout her career, Jen Shah net worth is good enough to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Jen Shah’s Husband

Before discussing Jen shah net worth discuss the marital status of Jen shah. She got married to Sharrieff shah Who is NFL’s Utah Cornerback Coach. Sharrieff Jen’s husband has been working as a cornerback coach for more than 9 years now. There seems to be a happy couple and no problem between them.

Jen has admired her husband Sharrieff as a doting husband. Jen just loves to prepare a healthy brunch for her and her two children. Her elder son, Sharrieff Jr. Is 26 and her youngest son Omar is now 16 years old.

Are Sharrieff Shah and Jen Shah are together?

Yes, Jen shah is living happily with her husband Sharieff shah. They had spent a lot of time together and they well understood each other, then they decided to marry. So, from their happy married they have two male children.

Jen Shah Net Worth

If we talk about Jen shah net worth she is getting a hefty paycheck for her good and amazing appearance as a full-time housewife on the reality show. The net worth of Jen Shah is good enough for living a luxurious lifestyle, so at this time he is living cool life. So, the Jen Shah net worth is approximately around $3million as of the current date of 4th Feb 2022.

Will Jen Shah’s arrest play out in RHOSLC Season 2?

since the news of Jen’s arrest broke, the lovers and viewers have been wondering whether she will play out on RHOSLC season 2, and the most recent trailer answered that question.
In this trailer, Jen gets a phone call about the police that looking for her. She reveals to production and her friends and lovers that she has to go and take off.

This is reportedly going down as women were getting ready to take off on a girl’s trip. Some moments later, the police show up. While they reveal they are looking for Jen shah, the women still are not clued into what’s really happening.
It’s only when Whitney read the headlines or newspaper that they learn that Jen and her assistant were arrested for money laundering and big fraud.

Jen shah continued the film after the arrest, so viewers or fans will likely learn more about the case and Jen’s side of the story in real-time, same as with Erika Jayne on RHOBH.
The Real Housewives of City Salt Lake airs 9/8c every Sunday on Bravo.


Q.1 What is the net worth of Jen Shah?

Ans: As of the current date of 4th Feb 2022, Jen Shah net worth is roughly around $3 million.

Q.2 What is the age of Jen Shah?

Ans: Jen Shah’s age is almost 50 years.

Q.3 What are the products this man has launched in the market?

Ans: The date of birth of Jen shah is 4 October 1971.

Q.3 What is the husband’s name of Jen Shah?

Ans: Jen shah husband’s name is Sharrieff shah.

Q.5 Is she have other brothers and sisters?

Ans: Yes, she has five siblings such as Judd, Jessica, Jerrit, Jacob, and John.

Q.6 What is the birthplace of Jen shah?

Ans: The birthplace of Jen Shah is Salt Lake City, Utah, U. S.

Closing Up Now

So after reading this article, hopefully, you have got all of your answers cleared about the question of what is Jen Shah net worth. If you have any new queries or suggestions then feel free to comment below!

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