How to Jazz balance share ? Jazz Balance Share Code 2021

Jazz Balance share

In this post, we will complete a guide on how to jazz balance share and we also provide the several codes which will help you to share the jazz balance. Jazz is a useful network so, it allows the user to share the balance from jazz number to another number. But it has certain limitations such as users can share PKR 500/- in a day with charges of 4.77+TAX.

Sometimes we need balance to make a call to someone or we are willing to send an SMS or on the usage of DATA.

At the same time, we realize that our cell phone is out of balance. So, that’s why here we have an incredible offer for all jazz users in which users can share from Jazz to Jazz in just 4.77+TAX per transmission.

Balance sharing is much simple in jazz but at the same time, it is very difficult for new users who are attempting the first time. so that’s why we have tried our best to cover the complete jazz balance sharing method which uses a friendly interface. Now let’s discuss complete details how to jazz balance share?

Code of the jazz balance share

If any user wants to share balance he must have more than 15 PKR and follow the following instruction.

  • For Example, the number is 0300-1234567.
  • You will dial *100*03001234567*Amount#.
  • If you want to send 50 PKR.
  • You will dial *100*03001234567*50#.
  • You can also dial *100*923001234567*50#.
  • The maximum transaction limit in a day is 500/- PKR.
  • The minimum transaction limit in a day is 15/- PKR.
  • Charges of every transaction are 4.77+ TAX.
  • The Jazz prepaid user can share their balance.

How to Jazz balance share? Step by Setp guideness.

Are you looking for a proper method to share balance? So, the answer to your question is available here. We are going to guide you step by step on how to jazz balance share?

  • We assume that the Receiver number is 03001234567.
  • Users want to share 150 PKR on this number.
  • He will dial *100*03001234567*150#.
  • Another method is *100*923001234567*150#.
  • After this confirm it by pressing ‘1’.
  • The user will notify from the Jazz network.
  • Your balance has been shared successfull.

Transaction Limitation

As you know we trying to know how to balance share? Thus the Jazz user can share his balance with prepaid number. Either the receiver Jazz number is present far away in other cities or at the same city. Just follow the simple steps which we discuss in the previous paragraph

The user can share the minimum balance of 15 PKR per day and the maximum limit of the sharing is 500 PKR per day. Users can share the balance in 15-500 PKR per day. The is current balance share limitation in the future may increase or decrease.

The Terms and Conditions of Sharing Jazz balance

  • The users should always use authentic, authorized, and approved SIM Card.
  • The User should type the amount & receiver number very carefully.
  • This is not a free service users would pay a specific TAX for this service.
  • Sometimes users make mistakes during typing the numbers the network will pay.
  • This service is only for prepaid SiM users only they would be able to send the balance.


After complete discussion on how to jazz balance share? Hope you enjoyed this helpful post. so, share it with others and leave your motivational feedback in the comment section below. If you have any issue in sharing Jazz balance, you can call the Jazz Helpline. Thank you!

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