Jamal Edwards Net Worth 2022: How Rich Was Entrepreneur Actually

Jamal Edwards net worth

Did you know the Jamal Edwards net worth? It might be interesting to know who was Jamal Edward’s biography. So, keep reading to know who was Jamal Edwards actually. Jamal Edwards was the CEO of SB. TV, a UK online urban music channel which became a lifestyle media platform and innovative music. As of the current date of Feb 2022, Jamal Edwards net worth was approximately around $10 million.

Full Name Jamal Edwards
Birth Date 24 August 1990
Birth Place Luton, England
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single
Height Unknown
Net Worth $10 Million

Jamal Edwards Cause of Death

The famous entrepreneur has died on 20 February 2022. However, the cause of the death of Jamal Edwards has not been revealed by authentic resources. As we are aware of the cause of death of Jamal Edwards, we will update it as soon as possible.

Since this shocking news is out lovers, friends, and fans of Jamal are showing their condolence on almost every social media platform. One of his fans wrote the caption “What’s the source for Jamam Edwards” Dude was always proper safe to me from the age of 18, so slyly don’t wanna believe it” and show his love.

CEO of Yelling shared his condolence with these words “This is devastating news, RIP to the cultural behemoth that was Jamal Edwards and I seriously cannot believe we’ve lost such an important & universally loved figure in Black British culture”, and show his love with Jamal Edwards.

Another fan showed his condolence by these words “Jamal Edwards is dead.???? I legit had some random dream about this a few weeks back, Nah that’s mad, wtf 😔😔 SMH, R.I.P man”, so all those lovers who were following the Jamal are in sorrow.

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Jamal Edwards Biography

The date of birth of Jamal Edwards was 24 August 1990 and his birthplace is Luton, England. He was the founder of SB. TV and this is the cause of his fame and popularity. Moreover, he was the author of a business book named “Self Belief: The vision i 2013” and that book was the first bestseller its 1st week.

He got the title of Richard Branson Young Pioneers in the year 2012. Moreover, Jamal Edwards was one of the richest celebrities or Entrepreneurs. Now let’s take a look at Jamal Edwards net worth, personal life, social media presence.

Personal Life

As of the current date, we have no information about his personal life such as marital status, love affair, or relationship status. However, some news says that He grew up with his sister and his mother named “Brenda”. The nickname of Jamal was Smokey Barz.

The mother of Jamal had supported him, she wished to see his son as a successful person in the field of the music industry, so, Jamal joined the Acton High School. Since his childhood, he liked the subjects such as ICT and music science.

Age, Height, Weight, & Physical Measurement

As of the current date of Feb 2022, Jamal Edwards’s age is 31 years, 5 months, and 4 weeks. However, famous entrepreneurs’ height, weight, physical measurement, hair, and eyes color are still unavailable. 

Jamal Edwards Social Media Presence

Throughout his successful career, Jamal Edwards made a huge amount of fan following on almost every social media platform. On Instagram, Jamal has over 151k followers. However, we are unable to find the Twitter account of Jamal Edwards.

Jamal Edwards Net Worth 2022

Being one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world, Jamal Edwards net worth has been good enough that was the reward of his struggle. However, it is impossible to calculate the exact wealth of Jamal. However, we got the idea of his wealth through his publicly available information like investments, businesses, salary, and endorsements. As of the current date of Feb 2022, James Edwards net worth was approximately around $10 million.

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