Frida Sofia Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Model & Actress Actually?

Did you know what is Frida Sofia net worth? Frida Sofia is a famous Miami model and actress and she was born in a Guzman family. Actress Frida Sofia had been ever a highlight for the media and she is well recognized for her career as a model and actress. She got interested in Hollywood from her mother (singer). She is the daughter of famous Hollywood actress Alejandra Guzman. As of the current year of January 2022, Frida Sofia net worth is roughly around $1 million.

Full Name Frida Sofia
Date of Birth 13 March 1992
Birthplace Miami
Source of Wealth Acting and Modeling
Marital Status Married but divorced (Luis Escamilla)
Mother Name Alejandra Guzman
Frida Sofia Net Worth $1 Million

Frida Sofia net worth

Frida Sofia grew up and spend her past life very luxurious. Her mother has a huge amount of net worth of $20 million and she is spending the wealth of her mother since childhood. If we talk about her father’s profession, he is a businessman with a huge amount of wealth. But, her father never afforded her educational expenses.

Frida Sofia has a huge amount of net worth by herself. Throughout her model career, she collected a good amount of net worth. Florida Sofia also collected a good amount from endorsement and advertisement. As of the current year of January 2022, the net worth of Frida Sofia is approximately around $1 million.

The early life of Frida Sofia

The date of birth of Frida Sofia is 13 March 1992 and Alejandra is a mother of Sofia. Which is a famous and very talented singer and Pablo Moctezuma. The father of Sofia was a businessman, but due to unknown reasons, they were separated in the early years of their relationship. Frida Sofia hates her father and never likes to talk to him ever.

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Personal life of Frida Sofia

Frida Sofia got married to Luis Escamilla. Sofia and her husband were in a relationship for a long time before marriage in 2015. According to some reports, the married life never treat her well. In the year 2017, In some of her interviews, Sofia narrates about her separation from her husband and she accused that her husband had physically abused her. So, Frida didn’t want to make him fight, simply she separated from him.

In some of her interviews, Frida Sofia said, “Like everyone other couples, we had our issues, but I can’t discuss it publically. My ex-husband (Luis) is not a bad man I do no harm now. We both are loved each other but it could not work”.

According to the words of Frida, she had got married at a very young age and could not take it well. After her divorce from her husband, she regained her freedom and enjoyed a happy life.

Frida Sofia Net Worth

Frida Sofia’s Relation with her Mother

The singer Alehandra Guzman was responsible for Frida’s care. They both cooperated with each other and they had been living a very happy life. But, their relationship has worsened till the covid-19. When the Covid-19 reports of Alejandra came to be positive, once again they were reconciled. When Frida Sofia saw her mother’s video in which she was saying goodbye, Sofia call her mother.

They were separated in the year 2019, due to reasons that, her mother accused her of improper attitudes, but that separation was too tough for both of them. According to the words of Frida Sofis “We did not have a lot to talk about and that hurts us, but I missed her a lot” she was much confused in her interview.

Her mother replied to her daughter Sofia in these words ” I miss you too my girl. Soon I will travel to kiss you”. At this time Sofia and her mother both are living happy life together.

Alejandra Guzman and her husband Pablo Moctezuma

Frida Sofia was born due to the relationship between Pablo Moctezuma and Alejandra Guzman. After the separation from his girlfriend, her lover started to live in the United States alone. The father of Sofia Pablo Moctezuma was arrested for monetary fraud, he was sent to jail for four years.

Then he got married to another girl named “Beatriz Pasquel”. The couple shared three children named “Natasha”, “Bibi”, and “Emiliano”. His daughter Frida Sofia has never kept relation with him.

Alejandra Guzman mother of Sofia is one of the best and most famous singers from the band girl of the era. She has been sold more than 20 million copies in almost all languages. Alejandra Guzman’s net worth is more than $20 million from her singing career and Frida Sofia net worth is also good enough.

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Frida Sofia Instagram and other Social Media Presence

As we are aware Frida Sofia net worth is good enough, being a good net worth and having enough fame. As of the current date of January 2022, She grabbed a huge amount of fans following almost all social media platforms. On Instagram, Frida Sofia has more than 1.6 million followers. Likewise, Frida Sofia has also 234.1K followers on Tik Tok with 247.7K likes. These platforms might be the cause of Frida Sofia net worth.

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