Enrique Tarrio Net Worth 2022: How Much Does The Activist Earn?

Enrique Tarrio Net Worth

If you curious to know biography and Enrique Tarrio net worth? Here are complete details, so keep reading to know who is Enrique Tarrio actually. Enrique Tarrio is a famous American Chairman, Entrepreneur, Politician, and Businessman. He follows Christianity and holds American nationality. He is a graduate qualified person.

Full Name Enrique Tarrio
Birth Date / Age 1984
Birth Place Little Havana, Miami, Florida, USA
Source of Wealth Activist
Relationship Status N/A
Height 5 ft. 9 in.
Net Worth $1 Million

Early Life

Enrique Tarrio was born in 1984 and his birthplace is Little Havana, Miami, Florida, United States. There are no deep details about Enrique Tarrio, such as educational background, parents, and siblings so, we will update it as soon as we are aware. As per the news, he got his early education in a local high school, and later on, he joined the University of United States.

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Professional Career & Enrique Tarrio Net Worth

Tarrio shifted to a little town in North Florid back in the year 2004, in which he began with his poultry farm. However, later on, he returned to Miami and came up with a security equipment installation firm and GPS tracking companies Tarrio is also the owner of a Miami T-shirt brand named “1776 Shop”, which is an online store for right-wing merchandise.

The company sells the products, including clothes won by Proud boys and the T-Shirts that have Pinochet did nothing wrong too is created by the same company. As per the news, Twitter banned his account, so he is unable to use one of the social media platforms Twitter. He spread violent activities on Twitter as a result Twitter banned his first account.

In addition, he was also accused of theft, when he was twenty years old. Due to this blame, he was sentenced to Community services and 3 years of probation. As per the news, he was asked to pay restitution. Later on, he was again accused of theft and sentenced to thirty months of imprisonment. This time he was arrested for reselling stolen medical services.

What Are Tarrio’s Proud Boys?

Being a Proud Boys, he is a far-right neo-fascist male activist group and the purpose of this group is to promote and engage in violent activities in the United State of America. Tarrio became a part of this group in the year 2017 and gave volunteered at the Miami event for Milo Yiannopoulos and was a far-right commentator.

As per the news, he met with a member of that group and he encouraged him to join the group. In the same year, he joined the Unite Right rally, held in Charlottesville. The purpose of the rally was to remove Confederate memorials and monuments

Tarrio become the fourth-degree member of a male activist group when he punched a person aligned with Antifa. Because this authority was given to members after a physical altercation. He got a promotion in the year 2018, he become chairman of the activist group.

Enrique was behind the End DomesticTerrosism Rally, which was held in Oregon in August 2019 and Joe Biggs organized the rally. He is a regular rallies organizer which was held in the United States.

Enrique Tarrio Age, Height, and Weight

As of the current date of March 2022, Enrique Tarrio’s age is about 37 years old. The weight of Tarrio is about 5 feet 9 inches, however, his weight is still unknown. So, if you want to know Enrique Tarrio net worth and how much he makes, stay tuned with us and read along.

Enrique Tarrio Net Worth

Throughout his professional career, the wealth of Tarrio is increasing significantly. The significant source of his wealth is his career as an activist. In addition, he faced many controversies and went to jail several times. He has accumulated enough fortune to sustain a luxurious and lavish life. As of the current date of March 2022, Enrique Tarrio net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

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