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Dez Machado Net Worth 2022: How Rich is YouTuber Actually

Did you know Dez Machado net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Dez Machado. So, keep reading to know who is Dez Machado actually. Dez Machado is a famous American Youtuber and social media star and she is well recognized for making videos on Youtube. The Youtube video of Dez is based on school related vlog, try-on, and makeup haul. As of the current date of Feb 2022, Dez Machado net worth is approximately around $300K.

Full Name Desiree Machado
Birth Date May 28, 2004
Birth Place California, U. S.
Profession YouTube star
Ex-boyfriend Renato
Net Worth $300 thousand

Professional Career & Dez Machado Net Worth

When Dez was in 5th grade she start to become familiar with Youtube. She got her first cell phone when she was studying in the same grade, and she saw the Youtube feature on her phone she got stuck. When she saw the Youtube app icon for the first time, she thought she could use this app only for watching music-related videos.

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But later on, when she analyzed the Youtube video she built interest to make her own videos on Youtube. Dez Machado created her own channel and start uploading videos in December 2016. The title of her first vlog was “Mall Vlog + Haul”, and had a second channel as well, in which she started uploading vlog videos in August 2016. Later on, she stops uploading videos on her secondary channel and kept focused on her primary channel.

On August 18, 2017, she uploaded a video with the title “The first day of 8th-grade grwm/vlog 2017”. That video grabbed more than one million views in a short time. This video went viral and become the most popular video on her channel. Due to this video, she got a huge amount of fan followings.

At this time she is consistently uploading videos on her channel and grabbing more fame and popularity among the public. On 30 July 2021, Dez uploaded a video on her channel and she revealed her daily routine when she goes to school. Throughout her career as a Youtuber, Dez Machado net worth has been good enough.

Early Life

The date of birth of Desiree Machado is 28 May 2004 and her birthplace is California, United States. Moreover, Dez belongs to the white Mexican and Japanese ethnicity. She revealed in one of her videos that, her biological father is Japanese. In addition, she grew up with her mom named “Marianne” and her step-father named “Lucas”. The profession of her mom and stepdad is Cinematographer and photographer.

If we talk about her siblings, Dez has three sisters and one of her sisters is Alexis Marie. Alexis is also a famous Youtuber and she has a huge fan following as well. Dez has two younger sisters named “Rachel & Victoria”.In one of her videos, she included all of her family members with the title “Each of my family members picked out my outfits for a week”.

However, she had not revealed enough information about her educational background and she described that she loves biology and hates math. Now let’s take a look at the Dez Machado net worth, personal life and other important facts.

Personal Life

Currently, it seems that Dez Machado is single. However, previously, she dated a guy named “Renato” a fellow in her school. On 27 January 2019, she introduced him as her boyfriend to her fans by uploading a video on her channel. That video had the title “Turning my boyfriend into a Bartz Doll LOL gone wrong”.

In addition, she mentioned her boyfriend in many other videos, such as “I and my boyfriend remade cringy couple TikToks” and 2nd one was “My boyfriend and I matched outfits to school for a week”.

She faced some criticism from her fans by utilizing the n-word in her videos a few months before. After realizing the criticism she apologized to her fans with the help of a video and she explained that she was using words while doing lip-sync to a song that contained that word.

Dez Machado Age, Height, Weight, & Physical Measurement

Having a date of 28 May 2004, Dez Machado age is 17 years, 8 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day as of the current date of Feb 2022. The height of Dez is about 5 feet 5 inches or 165 centimeters with a weight of 52 KG or 115 pounds. Likewise, Dez’s hair and eyes color are dark brown, however, Dez’s physical measurement is still unknown.

Dez Machado Net Worth 2022

Throughout her successful career. Dez Machado net worth is good enough, which she grabbed at her very little age. The primary resource of her income is her Youtube channel, in which she made a handsome amount of wealth. The yearly estimated revenue from the Youtube channel is around $270k. As of the current date of Feb 2022, Dez Machado net worth is approximately around $300K.

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