What is css examination in Pakistan? | How to apply for CSS Exam

In this article we will discuss all CSS examinations we will guide you step by step what is CSS examination exactly and also discuss that how to apply for the CSS examination. If you are really interested and eager to know what is CSS examination so, let’s discuss it.

What is a CSS examination system?

May you know the abbreviation of CSS so, it is Central Superior Services. If we try to know what is CSS examination is exactly so, CSS is the most competitive and reputable examination between most brilliant students all over Pakistan in twelve separate departments under the federal government.

Everyone is not able to get success through this examination because it is not easy for everyone so, It should be an intelligent, disciplined, and able person.

What are the Bureaucrats?

The CSS officers are known as Bureaucrats so, question is that what are Bureaucrats? The bureaucracy is responsible to control all the civilian bureaucrat’s operations and secretariats of the government and also directorates of the cabinet of Pakistan.

Thus, FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) is responsible to take the CSS examination. The FPSC is also responsible to announce the result every year.

The bureaucrats are similar to the wheel of a vehicle that is responsible to move the engine of the state. Every year huge amount of students appear in the CSS exam and a few students clear this exam because this is very difficult. After discussing what is CSS examination so, now we discuss the section of the CSS exam.

Occupational Groups in CSS Pakistan

A list of federal government services is available in which a candidate can serve after he has successfully passed the CSS examination i.e.

  • Income Tax Group
  • Information Group
  • Postal Service Group
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • Custom and Excise Service
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Office Management Group
  • District Management Group
  • Commerce and Trade Services
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Military Lands and Cantonments Group
  • Railways or Commercial and Transportation Group

Structure of CSS Examination

We are trying to understand what is CSS examination so If any candidate searching about how to prepare for the CSS exam in Pakistan. So, the candidate should need to understand the structure of the CSS Examination. Thus, central examination comprises four modules to test the knowledge, skills, and intelligence quotient of the candidate.

  • Written Examination
  • Medical Examination
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Viva voce

Written Examination

The first module of the CSS exam in Pakistan is a theory test so, In the CSS exam, the Total papers are twelve of which six papers are compulsory and the remaining paper are optional. Here some additional things are also included candidate should need to know.

  • The candidate has the freedom to choose the subject from the list specified by FPSC so, it’s good for the candidate.
  • The subjects which are optional are based on the candidate’s previous educational background, so it’s important.
  • 40 score must be obtained in the compulsory subjects meanwhile 33% marks are required in optional subjects to qualify for the next round.

Medical Examination

After completing the written test of the CSS Examination, so, the next step is to attempt a medical test to declare that you are physically healthy for this examination.

But at the same time, physically disabled candidates can appear for the CSS Examination. So, the candidates who disabled are selected in four disciplines as Pakistan Audit and Account, Commerce and Trade, Postal Service, and information Services.

But one thing is mandatory if any candidate has any disability they should have a disability certificate that is issued by recognized and authentic authorities. The disability certificate must be submitted before, other physically disabled applicants are also provided with assistance during exams upon request.

Psychological Assessment

So, as we try to know what is CSS examination is? and just before we discussed that physical fitness is necessary for candidates to attempt the CSS exam, it is also mandatory the candidate should also be mentally fit for this position.

The psychological test in CSS examination is held to recognize the mental, behavioral, and attitudinal aspects of the applicant so, this is an important test. Thus the applicant should be enough intelligent, competitive because these elements which we discussed in the previous sentence are considered extremely necessary for civil services.

Viva Voce

On the other hand, viva voce is an interview that is conducted to evaluate the intelligence and readiness of a CSS candidate. The applicant must have good general knowledge and communication skill in order to clear this interview. The candidate makes 300 marks in both psychological and viva voce exams. so this is the viva voce step. Thus now you understand what is CSS examination is and the structure of the CSS Exam.

Compulsory Subjects in Syllabus of CSS Exam


The following are compulsory subjects in the syllabus of the CSS exam Issued by FPSC:

Subjects Marks
English Essay 100
Pakistan Affairs 100
Current Affairs 100
General Science and Ability 100
English (Precis and Composition) 100
Islamic Studies Or Alternative Subject for Non-Muslims 100

Optional Subjects in Syllabus of CSS Exam


Thus, Seven different optional groups are allocated by the FPSC in the CSS syllabus. The marks are divided in which candidate can pick any of these subjects from the groups so make sure that it adds up to make 600 marks.

One thing which you need to understand, any subject containing 100 marks has one paper so, while the other hand subjects containing 200 marks are divided into two papers.

Now we are going to discuss the group of optional subjects in order to know what is CSS examination is so, let’s start.

Group 1:

candidate can select only one subject i.e.

SubjectsMarksPolitical Science200International Relations200Economics200Computer Science200Accountancy & Auditing200

Group 2:

In this group, candidates need to choose one or more subjects so, candidates need to ensure that subjects are containing equivalent to 200 marks.

Group 3:

Subjects Marks
Physics 100
Geology 200
Chemistry 100
Pure Mathematics 200
Applied Mathematics 100

The candidate has to select only one subject from this group i.e.

Group 4:

Subject Marks
Public Administration 100
Business Administration 100
Government & Public Policies 100
Town Planning & Urban Management 100

The candidate can select one subject from this group so, the following subjects are in this group:

Group 5:

Subject Marks
British History 100
European History 100
History of the USA 100
Islamic History and Culture 100
History of Pakistan and India 100

 In this group, candidates have to select only one subject i.e.

Group 6:

Subjects  Marks
Zoology 100
Botany 100
English Literature 100
Urdu Literature 100
Gender Studies 100
Environmental Sciences 100
Agriculture and Forestry 100

So, the applicants are required to choose only one subject.


Muslim Law and Jurisprudence 100
Subjects Marks
Law 100
Philosophy 100
International Law 100
Criminology 100
Mercantile Law 100
Constitutional Law 100

Group 7:

The candidate can select one subject only from this group. so,

The eligibility criteria for the CSS examination in Pakistan.

Subjects Marks
Punjabi 100
Persian 100
Sindhi 100
Arabic 100
Sociology 100
Balochi 100
Pashto 100
Psychology 100
Geography 100
Anthropology 100
Journalism and Mass Communication 100

If anyone wants to apply for the CSS exam in Pakistan so, there are some specific criteria that need to understand:

  • Nationality Criterion: The candidate must have Pakistani nationality.Because this is mandatory
  • Age limitation: The candidate’s age should be between 21 to 30 years to appear in the CSS examination so this is compulsory.
  • Educational Criterion: For qualifying in CSS candidate must have at least 14 years of education (Bachelor’s Degree). The participant must have passed his graduation at least second division through any authentic and recognizable university in Pakistan or from abroad.

Where is the CSS exam held in Pakistan?

The CSS exam is held in several cities of Pakistan so, these cities are Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Abbottabad, Faisalabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, D.I khan, Larkana, Multan, Okara, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Khaddar, Gujranwala, Quetta, Sukkur, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad, Skardu, and Sargodha as well.

Thus, all the above cities mentioned are only for the center for written examination. While the interview sessions for the CSS exam are conducted in five major cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Islamabad.

Scope of CSS in Pakistan

As we are already aware that, Pakistan provides an opportunity to appear in a CSS degree program so, after graduating from CSS, the Pakistan government select you for a 17 grader position in several departments.

Because it is high ranking position and the payout is more than any other state job or private in Pakistan. Thus the CSS degree allows a candidate to choose his/her desired field from a list of 12 options, including intelligence, the military.

Salary of CSS Officer in Pakistan

CSS is a good and difficult subject as well so the government of Pakistan will select you after completing the CSS degree. If you are considering the CSS as a career, thus you should need to know the beginning salary in Pakistan is more than eighty thousand because the CSS exam is ideal for students who wish to both serve their country and earn good money in a short amount of time.

Application Process for CSS Exam in Pakistan

The CSS Examination is held every year in Pakistan in the month of February and March thus, In September the date of application and examination are advertised in the newspaper.

If you are one of the aspirants and want to apply for the CSS examination so you need to know about the complete registration process of the exam in 2022.

So, here is a complete guide on how to apply for the CSS exam.

First Step: Fill the online Application Form on FPSC.gov.pk

During form submission, you’ll be asked to provide your:

  • Personal Details
  • CNIC Number
  • Bank Details
  • Optional Subjects
  • Academic Information
  • Experience
  • Post Preference

Second Step: Print the hard copy of the Application.

Once the candidate provides all the information in the online form, he would print the same form to keep it as a hard copy format that will be needed for the next step.

Third Step: Pay the Examination fee

Following are Fee structure of the CSS exam thus, this fee for CSS application is decided by FPSC:

  • Thus, the Examination Application Fee is 2200 PKR
  • The Rechecking Paper Fee is 500 PKR

So, the Fee amount of PKR 2200 will be deposited in the bank i.e National Bank of Pakistan, and the State Bank of Pakistan.

Fourth Step: So, attach all the required documents with the application form

Following documents needs to attach with the hard copy of the application

  • Degrees and Certificates
  • Photographs (passport-size)
  • Experience certificates (so, if available)
  • Other certificates i.e age relaxation certificates should also be attached.
  • Bank receipt of the deposited exam fee.

Fifth Step: Submit the application form to FPSC

As you know we are struggling to understand what is CSS Exam is and how can we apply for this so, after completing all the steps now submit the complete application form to FPSC Islamabad headquarter, within ten days of the deadline.

Now if you’re searching when the CSS Examination would be conducted in Pakistan. So, you should visit the official website i.e FPSC for dates and updates.

FAQs Of CSS Exam in Pakistan

What is the schedule of the CSS examination?

Thus, for the CSS Examination, the registration will start in November and the exam will conduct in mid-February.

What are the charges of CSS written examination?

Thus, the fee for a written examination is 2200 PKR and the rechecking fee is 500 PKR.

In which subjects, candidates allowed to use calculators?

The use of a calculator is not allowed except in the paper of general science, so in this paper, candidates can use the calculator.

Which things need to be brought in the written examination?

So, the Candidate or participant must bring their original CNIC, original Treasury receipt of fee payment, and copy of the admission certificate to attempt the CSS exam.

What are the standard marks for the CSS exam in viva voce?

Any candidate who got less than 100 Marks will be considered to be failed so, he/she will not eligible for any appointment.

Any Sperate quota is for Special candidates?

Keep in mind there is no special quota for any special candidate so, different categories for special candidates are allowed to choose any of the groups for completing the CSS Exam.

How many times a candidate can attempt the CSS exam?

For CSS Exam every candidate has three chances to appear in the exam.

Now we covered the topic thus, after a complete discussion on our question, what is CSS examination? so you are able to understand what is CSS examination is exactly and also able to apply for the CSS exam.
Our kind prayers are with you so, May Allah Bless you with Success! Ameen JazzakAllah

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