Chet Hanks Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Actor Actually

Did you know Chet Hanks net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Chet Hanks. So, keep reading to know who is Chet Hanks actually. Chet Hanks is an American musician and actor and he is well known for being the son of famous actors named “Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson”.As of the current date of Feb 2022, Chet Hanks net worth is approximately around $3 million.

Full Name Chester Marlon Hanks
Date of Birth August 4, 1990 
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Source of Wealth Acting / Music
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Net Worth $3 MIllion

Professional Career & Chet Hanks Net Worth

Famous actor, Chet made his appearance on-screen in around dozen several things since the year 2007. Moreover, his was also got roles in FOX’s Empire and Showtime’s Shameless as well. In addition, Chet Hanks also includes in discography contains Bratz, Larry Crowne, Project X, Greyhound, Crystal Skull, Jones, Fantastic Fours, and the Kingdon of the Crystal Skull. But all of these roles were considered to be minor parts.

Chet Hanks has been television series such as Tales, Maron, Your Honor, NCIS, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and New Orleans. According to some news, Chet had been involved in the music world over the years. When he was studying in college he record his first single in the year 2007. Being a college student, he released a song called White and Purple, a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow hit, under the alias Chet Haze.

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Drew Arthur and Chet formed a hip-hop duo called “FTRZ”. Moreover, talented Chet Hank released 2 singles and an extended play named Ocean Park EP. After this, they released the songs Ticket Out My Head and Harley in the year 2020, which was under the new name Something Out West. Throughout his career, Chet Hanks net worth is good enough to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Early Life

The date of birth of Chester Marlon Hanks is 4 August 1990 and his birthplace is Los, Angeles, California. Chet gave birth at the home of his parents named “Tom and Rita”. Moreover, Chet is the third child of his father and the first kid of her mother. The most notable thing is that a famous actor Colin Hanks is the stepbrother of Chet Marlon.

If we talk about Chet’s educational background, he joined the same school from preschool up through middle school. Moreover, he admits that he was struggling to adapt to the new environment that was high school and also claimed that people would make up their minds before meeting him.

After getting the certification of graduation, Chet attended Northwestern University in Illinois to get an education in theater. He was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity when he was studying there.

Chet Hanks Instagram & Twitter

The famous actor has grabbed a huge amount of fan following on almost every social media platform. On Instagram, Chet has over 541K followers and on Twitter, he has 26.1K followers as of the current date of Feb 2022. However, Chet has not frequently been active on social media.

Now take a look at some of his controversies and Chet Hanks net worth.

Chet Hanks Contravercies

Even Chet is the son of a famous actor, he faced some controversies. In the year 2015, he faced a rehab program, when he was called by the British police in blamed of damaging a hotel room and ordered to pay $1800 as incurring.

Aside from that, a judge in Fort Bend County, Texas granted Hanks’ ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker a temporary protective order against the Chet Hunks. Moreover, Chet face some criticism when he showed his displeasure with the vaccine of COVID-19 in the year 2021.

People criticized him after this act of Chet. After some time he released a video, in which he urged the public to get vaccinated and claimed that the previous post was just a joke.

Chet Hanks Net Worth 2022

Throughout his career, Chet Hanks net worth has been good enough which is the reward of a career in the entertainment industry through a decade. He is continuously working with passion and moving forward in his career, even though he is not a prominent celebrity. As of the current date of Feb 2022, Chet Hanks net worth is approximately around $3 million.

Moreover, Chet Hanks is also involved in fitness and hosting his own program called “HanxFit”. In addition, he has a Youtube channel with a 14K subscriber, however, It is not clear whether he is getting paid from the channel and HanxFit or not.

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