70 Celebrities that are Libra

There are numerous celebrities that are libra who perfectly embodies this air sign. Those celebrities are encompasses those born between 23 September and 22 October.

Actually, Libra’s meaning is that those famous people who are known for their balanced, even-keeled personalities, this ability makes them great and popular in the face of conflict.

Let me tell you honestly, Libras are unable to make decisions to save their life. They pretend to be aesthetically minded, detail-oriented, and creative.

Candice Swanepoel

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1:-) Candice Swanepoel (Born On October 20, 1988)

Candice Swanepoel is not only Libra but she became the symbol for Carine Roitfeld’s 202- calendar, through which she has captured supermodels posing as their star signs.

Jordyn Woods

2:-) Jordyn Woods (Born On September 23, 1997)

According to the tweet of Jordyn Woods, she said: “so indecisive….about pretty much everything” and called it “a Libra thing.”

Kim Kardashian

3:-) Kim Kardashian (Born On October 21, 1980)

Kim Kardashian has been heavily involved in reforming the criminal justice system & stating in the year 2019, she is studying and struggling to become a lawyer. Now she is peak Libra.

Serena Williams

4:-) Serena Williams (Born on September 25, 1981)

Serena Williams attracts the public with her attractive and creative muscles due to her namesake clothing line & by becoming a nail tech. The ruling planet of Serena is Venus and the name of her elder sister is also Venus.

As per resource, Serena Williams is the world’s greatest athlete in the world and winner of 23 Grand Slam singles. She is well known for her sense of style and she owns a fashion line as well.

Gwyneth Paltrow

5:-) Gwyneth Paltrow (Born on September 27, 1972)

Famous actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow made her appearance in numerous movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Iron Man, and Shakespeare in Love. She also grabbed Paltrow an Academy Award in the year 1999.

Bruno Mars

6:-) Bruno Mars (Born On October 8, 1985)

The is the one who is the Award winner performer behind hits like “24k Magic, Marry You, and That’s What I Like”. Moreover, Bruno Mars came into the limelight in Super Bowl in the year 2014. In addition, he is the one who grabbed the largest audience in the history of sports events.

Lil Wayne

7:-) Lil Wayne (Born On September 27, 1982)

Tha Block Is Hot is the first album of Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, which was released in the year 1999. Moreover, rapper Lil Wayne won his first Grammy Award for his song such as Lollipop, which enable him to win the award.

Snoop Dogg

8:-) Snoop Dogg (Born On October 20, 1971)

Snoop Dogg is a famous American media personality & rapper who was born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. called The “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. Due to this single, he got his nickname from his mother.

He stated that he got the nickname from his mom and he used to love Peanuts and Charlie Brown. Moreover, his favorite cartoon character was growing up. In addition, he has over 73m followers on his Instagram account as of 2022.


9:-) Eminem (Born On October 17, 1972)

The real name of Eminem is Marshall Mathers and he is a famous American rapper. He played important roles in “B-Rabbit” in the 2002’s. Moreover, he has 35.7 million followers on his Instagram account as of 2022.

Simon Cowell

10:-) Simon Cowell (Born On October 7, 1959)

As per resource, Simon Cowell is an American famous television personality and one of the original judges of American Idol until his departure in the year 2010. In addition, he performed a role in creating One Direction on The X Factor. As of now, he is a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Anthony Mackie

11:-) Anthony Mackie (Born on September 23, 1978)

Anthony Mackie is a famous American actor and he is well-known for portraying the role of Sam Wilson/Falcon in Captain America.

In addition, he also made his appearance on Broadway and off-Broadway in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, McReele, Drowning, Carl Hancock Rux’s Talk, and A Soldier’s Play and he won Obie Award in the year 2002.

Donald Glover

12:-) Donald Glover (Born on September 25, 1983)

Donald’s music video for “This Is America” blends his Libran sense of visuals with his Libran focus on fighting against injustice, due to this reason he is a famous personality.

Lilly Singh

13:-) Lilly Singh (Born on September 26, 1988)

Lilly Singh made a Youtube video in which she stated that she doesn’t believe in horoscopes. Some resources claimed that Lilly is not a Libra.

Avril Lavigne

14:-) Avril Lavigne (Born on September 27, 1984)

As per the resource, Avril Lavigne is a Libra and she is one the famous personalities.

Jenna Ortega

15:-) Jenna Ortega (Born on September 27, 2002)

Jenna Ortega is a famous Netflix star and Jenna’s Sun and Mercury both are Libra, however, there is no deep information in regards to Jenna Ortega.

St. Vincent

16:-) St. Vincent (Born on September 28, 1982)

The birth chart of St. Vincent is very similar to Lil Wayne’s, however, there is no deep information about St. Vincent. In our research, we came to know that she is a singer as of her Instagram account.

Hilary Duff

17:-) Hilary Duff (Born on September 28, 1987)

There is deep information about Hilary Duff in regards to her lifestyle Goop, the company. In the year 2011, in one of her interviews, she stated her thoughts by saying “I am pretty good at thinking about everything all of my consequences before I make a decision, & I think about everything that is going to happen because of that decision. I am Libra & I am very stratgic.” So, Hillary Duff is one of the celebrities that are libra.

Gwen Stefani

18:-) Gwen Stefani (Born on October 3, 1969)

Gwen Stefani is a famous singer and vocalist for the band No Doubt. She has numerous tunes, such as Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, and Sweet Escape. Gwen married a guy named “Blake Shelton”.

Zac Efron

19:-) Zac Efron (Born on October 18, 1987)

Zac Efron came into the limelight when playing the role of Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical. There are numerous other credits of Zac as Vile, Shockingly Evil, The Lucky One, Extremely Wicked, and 17 Again.

Maddie Ziegler

20:-) Maddie Ziegler (Born on September 30, 2002)

Maddie Ziegler feels so proud due to her sign that named one of her Morphe X Maddie Ziegler Lip Glosses Libra Energy.

Brie Larson

21:-) Brie Larson (Born on October 1, 1989)

Brie Larson is a famous Youtuber and she created her Youtube channel in quarantine, through her channel she is showing off her creativity and ideas.

Dakota Johnson

22:-) Dakota Johnson (Born on October 4, 1989)

Dakota Johnson is a famous actress and she grabbed fame and popularity in very little time. Because she is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

Addison Rae

23:-) Addison Rae (Born on October 6, 2000)

Addison Rae is a famous Tik Tok star and she has shared that she is a Libra sun, Aquarius Moon Gemini Rising.

Jazz Jennings

24:-) Jazz Jennings (born on October 6, 2000)

According to reports from some resources Jazz’s eye shadow is enough to prove that, she is a Libra.

Bella Thorne

25:-) Bella Thorne (Born on October 8, 1997)

Thorne Libra showed classic indecisiveness, as the tweet of Bella is “#Libra it’s so hard for me to snap out of a bad mood and the whole time I’m thinking why am I in a bad mood?”

Bella Hadid

26:-) Bella Hadid (Born on October 9, 1996)

As per the resource, Bella is a self-proclaimed Libra girl. If you want to get the idea you can explore the Instagram bio of her profile. Bella Hadid is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Cardi B

27:-) Cardi B (Born on Born October 11, 1992)

According to a tweet of Cardi B, in which it was stated that she is a Libra and the tweet was “I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny. My sign represents me so well.”

Rowan Blanchard

28:-) Rowan Blanchard ( Born on October 14, 2001)

In one of her interviews in the year 2019, she had a single request which was “Can you make sure people know I’m not a Scorpio?”

Doja Cat

29:-) Doja Cat (Born on October 21, 1995)

According to some reports, Doja Cat dressed up as Libra, with scales in the music video for her song with weekend You Right.

Amber Rose

30:-) Amber Rose (Born on October 21, 1983)

In the year 2011, Amber stated in one of her interviews with Complex saying that “I am a Libra. If someone compliments me, I’ll say something nice to them and I like to give out compliments”.

Judge Judy

31:-) Judge Judy (Born on October 21, 1942)

According to some reports, Judge Judy is undoubtfully a Libra and it is a sign of Law.

John Krasinski

32:-) John Krasinski (Born on  October 20, 1979)

Some news claimed that John Krasinski is a Libra and he is half of a power couple with his spouse named “Emily Blunt” and they are enjoying happy married life.

John Mayer

33:-) John Mayer “Libra” (Born on October 16, 1977)

In our research, we came to know John Mayer is a libra celebrity.


34:-) Usher (Born on October 14, 1978)

Usher was captured when he walks into the strip club and was surrounded by adoring fans, then he is considered to be a Libra.

Hugh Jackman

35:-) Hugh Jackman (Born on October 12, 1968)

Hugh Jackman is a Libra personality from Les Mis to Marvel and he has a lot of fan following on her Instagram account.

Nick Cannon

36:-) Nick Cannon (Born on October 8, 1980)

Cannon’s Moon, Sun, Pluto, Saturn that all are in Libra, so that’s it.

A$AP Rocky

37:-) A$AP Rocky (Born on October 3, 1988)

Suna and Mercury both are the sign of A$AP Rocky and both are Libra.

Bruce Springsteen

38:-) Bruce Springsteen “Libra” (Born on September 23, 1949)

Bruce Springsteen’s signs are Neptune, Mercury, Sun, and Moon all are Libra and her birth chart is also full of Libra placements.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

39:-) Catherine Zeta-Jones (Born on September 25, 1969)

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband named “Michael Douglas” are libra. Moreover, she is a famous Hollywood star and she has won Oscar for her role in Chicago. Catherine also won Tony Award for her appearance in A Little Night Music.

Donna Karan

40:-) Donna Karan (Born on October 2, 1948)

Donna Karan is a famous American fashion designer she was established internationally with her ex-husband named “Stephen Weiss” in the year 1984 and she is also considered to be a libra.

Naomi Osaka

41:-) Naomi Osaka (Born on October 16, 1997)

As of her date of birth, she is also a libra lady and some other news also claimed that Naomi Osaka is a Libra.

Will Smith

42:-) Will Smith (Born on October 25, 1968)

Will Smith radiates some identifiable Libra’s such as Charm, Charisma, and talent and so we can assume that he could be a libra.


43:-) Halsey (Born on September 29, 1994)

Halsey is a famous singer and she got a tattoo of scales from celebrity tattoo artist Jonboy written out by none other than Libra rapper named “Lil Wayne”. As per the news, she also stated the ink along with his lyrics called “On my Libra scale I am weighing sins and forgiveness”.

Michaela Coel

44:-) Michaela Coel (Born on October 1, 1987)

Michaela Coel is famous for her onscreen talent in I May Destroy You. Moreover, she is the first black lady to win Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for Limited Series, Dramatic special, and movie.

Kate Winslet

45:-) Kate Winslet (Born on October 5, 1975)

According to some resources, Kate Winslet is a triple Libra, which means that she has three signs such as the moon, the sun, and the third is a rising sign.

Fran Drescher

46:-) Fran Drescher “Libra” (Born on September 30, 1957)

Fran Drescher is a fashion designer and she has maintained the fashion & peacekeeping among kids and she is a libra.

Kelly Ripa

47:-) Kelly Ripa (Born on October 2, 1970)

As per the news, Kelly Ripa is a talk show host and she is a double Libra, she has a moon sign as well.

Joy Behar

48:-) Joy Behar (Born on October 7, 1942)

According to some reports, Libras are loyal, once they make a commitment they stick to that. Moreover, Joy Behar is also a libra personality.

Alicia Silverstone

49:-) Alicia Silverstone (Born on October 4, 1976)

Some news surely claimed that Alicia Silverstone is a libra personality.

Caitriona Balfe

50:-) Caitriona Balfe (Born on October 4, 1979)

Caitriona Balfe is an outlander star and she fights for what is right off & onscreen regularly using her platform to stand up for social problems such as the environment and abortion rights, so Caitriona is a libra personality.

Tessa Thompson

51:-) Tessa Thompson (Born on October 3, 1983)

Tessa Thompson is a very talented lady and she regularly expresses herself through her fashion and beauty looks. In addition, Tessa Thompson is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Alicia Vikander

52:-) Alicia Vikander (Born on October 3, 1988)

Some news claimed that Alicia Vikander is also a libra personality.

Naomi Watts

53:-) Naomi Watts (Born on September  28, 1968)

Naomi Watts is a famous British actress and producer, Moreover, she is well known for her work in American and Australian television, movies, and video games and she is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Adore Delano

54:-) Adore Delano (Born on September 29, 1989)

The real name of Adore Delano is Daniel “Danny” Anthony Noriega. Moreover, she is an American drag queen, songwriter, TV personality, and singer. According to some resources, she is a libra as well.

Marion Cotillard

55:-) Marion Cotillard (Born on September 30, 1975)

Marion Cotillard is a famous French actress whose Academy Award Winning performance as Edith Piaf in La Mome inclined her to grab international fame and popularity.

Zach Galifianakis

56:-) Zach Galifianakis (Born on October 1, 1969)

Zach Galifianakis is a famous American comedian, writer, musician, and actor. He made his appearance on Comedy Central Presents special & presented his show late World With Zach on VH1.


57:-) Sting (Born on October 2, 1951)

The real name of Sting is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner and he is a songwriter and singer. As per the news, Sting is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Lena Headey

58:-) Lena Headey (Born on October 3, 1973)

Lena Headey is a famous Bermudian British actress and she is well known for her roles in different movies and she is a Libra celebrity.

Susan Sarandon

59:-) Susan Sarandon (Born on October 4, 1946)

Susan Sarandon is a famous American actress and she is an Academy Award winner. Moreover, she has made her appearance in several movies with different roles such as Thelma, Louise, and Bull Durham. In addition, some news claimed that she is Libra’s personality as well.

Jane Krakowski

60:-) Jane Krakowski (Born on October 11, 1968)

Jane Krakowski is a famous scree actor Guild and she is a Tony Award Winner actress and she is one of the celebrities that are Libra.


61:-) Ashanti (Born on October 13, 1980)

The full name of Ashanti is Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas and she is a famous American actress, singer, and songwriter. As per resource, she is a Libra celebrity.

Felicity Jones

62:-) Felicity Jones (Born on October 17, 1983)

Felicity Jones Hadley Jones is a famous American English actress and she debuted her professional acting career in her childhood. She had performed in The Treasure Seeker in the year 1996 when she was a child. Moreover, Felicity is a Libra personality.

Kim Kardashian West

63:-) Kim Kardashian West (Born on October 21, 1980)

Kim Kardashian West is a famous American TV personality and entrepreneur. Moreover, she has grabbed international fame and popularity for her personal life and she is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Ken Watanabe

64:-) Ken Watanabe “Libra” (Born on October 21, 1959)

Ken Watanabe is a famous Japanese actor and he is well known for playing tragic here characters and he is Libra as well.

Viggo Mortensen

65:-) Viggo Mortensen “Libra” (Born on October 20, 1958)

Viggo Mortensen is a famous American author, musician, poet, photographer, actor, and painter. Moreover, Viggo is one of the celebrities that are Libra.


66:-) Ne-Yo (Born on October 18, 1979)

Ne-Yo is a famous American songwriter, actor, dancer singer, and record producer. In addition, he is a Libra as well.

Tyler Posey

67:-) Tyler Posey (Born on October 18, 1991)

Tyler Posey is a famous American actor and musician and he is well now for his role as Scott McCall on the MTV series called “Teen Wolf”. Moreover, he is one of the celebrities that are Libra.


68:-) Jimin (Born on October 13, 1995)

Jimin’s real name is Park Ji-min and he is known as Jimin. He is a famous South Korean dancer and singer. Jimin debuted her career in the year 2013. Moreover, he is a Libra celebrity.

Josh Hutcherson

69:-) Josh Hutcherson (Born on October 12, 1992)

Josh Hutcherson is a famous American producer and actor and he debuted her acting career in the 2000s. Moreover, he made his appearance in numerous commercials and also in minor movies & TV roles. In addition, Joshua Ryan Hutcherson is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

Mario Lopez

70:-) Mario Lopez (Born on October 10, 1973)

Mario Lopez is a famous American TV host and actor. Moreover, he has made appearances on numerous TV series and movies on broadway. In addition, he is one of the celebrities that are Libra.

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