Big Mike Unpolished Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, & Source of Wealth

A famous show titled “Unpolished” is based on 2 sisters named “Bira & Lexi”. The other family members are also included in their work. One of the sisters named “Lexi” is a well-known nail artist and the other sister named “Bria” is well recognized as a makeup and hair artist.

The father of two legend sisters is also known as the head patriarch of the Marton family. As of 2022, Big Mike Unpolished Net Worth is approximately around $3 million. Now let’s discuss, Big Mike Martone, wiki, biography, age, height, weight, marital status, and assets.

Big Mike Martone Wiki/Biography

Full Name Big Mike Martone
Date of Birth N/A
Birthplace N/A
Profession Plumber
Age N/A
Marital Status Married to Jennifer
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Net Worth $3 Million

Who was Big Mike Martone? (Father of Unpolished)

The Big Mike Marton is the father of Big Mike Unpolished (two sisters Lexi and Bria). Big Mike Marton was the head patriarch of the Marton family and he was also a plumber. Moreover, Bik Mike Marton was the owner of a Sanitary business.

However, in the year 2020, the father of Unpolished went into deep sorrow. Big Mike Marton left them alone in the world. He died in May 2020, however his death cause is still unknown.

There are many speculations about the death of Marton, some thinkers claimed that his death cause was cancer while some other news claimed that, he was died due to COVID-19. However, there is no authentic information in regards to Marton’s death.

Big Mike Martone Personal life (Wife, Girlfriend, & Relationships)

Big Mike Marton was a married person and he got married to a lady named “Jennifer Marton”. But sadly, he left her alone in the world. The couple spend over 25 years together till the death of Marton in May 2020. The profession of Jennifer is to be a manager of their salon. She spent most of the time with her daughter in the salon.

If we talk about the kids of the couple, the couple shared two daughters. The eldest daughter’s named “Lexi Marton” and the younger daughter’s named “Bria Marton”. The profession of eldest daughter Lexi is a nail artist and she is well recognized for making 3D nail art design. The source of her income is her skill as a nail artist.

Similarly, Bria is also a well-known girl and she is popular to be a makeup and hair artist as well. Both sisters are struggling and hardworking. Sister established a beautiful salon, where they both work together, and their mother is the manager of their salon.

There is no deep information in regards to the starting date of the salon. Their educational background, training institute, and personal life such as boyfriend, love affair or any kind of relationships.

During our research, we came to know that, legend artists Lexi and Bria got support from their grandmother named “Eleanor Varozzi” who is well known as Foxy Grandma.

Big Mike Unpolished Net Worth (Income Source)

Two artists Lexi and Bria made a handsome amount of money from their skill by establishing a Salon. The primary resource of their income is their Long Island Salon. Big Mike Unpolished Net Worth is approximately around $3 million as of the current date of April 2022.

The mother of Lexi and Bria also helped them in the salon and she is well known as a salon manager. Their work is at its peak and they are getting a good amount of wealth. They might earn a huge amount of wealth in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 Who was Big Mike Marton?

Ans: Big Mike Marton was the plumber.

Q.2 Is Big Mike Marton alive?

Ans: No, he died in May 2020, his death cause is still unclosed.

Q.3 Who are Lexi and Bira?

Ans: Lexi and Bria are sisters and running a salon. They both have the skill sets Lexi is a nail artist while Bria is makeup expert and hair artist.

Q.4 Is Lexi and Bira married?

And: As of now, we are unaware of the marital status of Lexi and Bria.

Q.5 Who is Jennifer Marton?

Ans: Jennifer Marton is the wife of Big Mike Marton and mother of Lexi and Bria.

Q.6 How much is the Unpolished family worth?

Ans: As of 2022, Big Mike Unpolished net worth is roughly around $3 million.

Q.7 How old was Big Mike from Unpolished?

Ans: Unknown.

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