Ben Youcef Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, & Career of Actor

Ben Youcef Net Worth:- The real name of Ben Youcef is Abdulwahab Benyoucef, however, he is well known as Ben Youcef. He is a famous and popular American actor.

He performed as guest lead on the Television series named “Law & Order”, “Chicago P.D”, “NCIS: LA”, and the last one is “CSINY”. The actor Ben Youcef is the new boyfriend of the famous United States Chef her name is “Sandra Lee”.Ben Youcef net worth is approximately around $800k as of 2022.

Name Abdulwahab Benyoucef
Date of Birth 19, February 1979
BirthPlace Algiers, Algeria
Profession Actor
Net Worth 800K
Marital Status In Relationship with Sandra Lee

Ben Youcef Early Life (Date of Birth, Education, & Birthday)

The date of birth of Ben Youcef is February 19, 1979 om Algiers, Algeria. There is no available deep information about his parents and their profession, childhood life, and educational background.

However, there is little information that he is a son of a diplomat man. The educational background of Ben Youcef is that he studied in London. By seeing his interest, courage, and passion, looks like he had a passion for acting since his childhood.

The actor Ben Youcef appeared in several theatre productions. The famous director named “Steven Spielberg” cast him in Munich.

He performed well in the theatre after his great performance and having experience he performed as a top model in New York City. Ben Youcef worked as a model as being designer and an advertiser

Ben Youcef Personal Life (Marital Status, Love Affair, & Spouse)

Currently, Ben Youcef is in a relationship with a famous American chef named “Sandra Lee” and they are dating each other. They were both seen together in Paris, where they were enjoying their vacation.

They were also seen for dinner at L’Avenue in Paris when pictures of them go viral, some rumors began that they have gotten engaged.

The couple was seen dancing on the streets of Paris. During their dance, a flashing ring was noted on Sandra’s middle finger. So, a clear rumor began that they got engaged and they were enjoying their engagement in Paris on the vocation of vacation.

The girlf friend of Ben had already been in a relationship with the high authority person Governor of New York named “Andrew Cuomo”.

On the 25, of September 2019, Governor and Sandra announced the end of their relationship. Same, Ben Youcef was already married to Apryl however, in January 2020, he filed the divorce from his ex-wife. Now at this time, he is enjoying his engagement with his new girlfriend Sandra Jee.

The ex-wife of Ben Youcef

The actor Ben Youcef was already married to Apryl Stephenson, she was a real estate dealer and they birth five years old twins. Due to some unknown reason, they separated in the year 2019, and Ben filed for divorce in January 2021.

According to reports that Ben and Apryl spend a very short time together, even after their twins lived separated. Ben afforded 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms on the rent. Maybe they have some clashes in their life. Now let’s talk about other facts about Ben Youcef such as net worth, religion, parents, age, and siblings.

Age, Religion, Parents & Siblings of Ben Yousif

As of 15 December 2021, Ben Youcef is 42 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days old.

Age in Months: 513 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days
Ben’s Age in Weeks: 2234 weeks and 2 days
Age in Days:15640 days
The actor Ben Youcef has a Muslim religion. However, there is not enough information about his parents and siblings, when we are aware we will update it. Thus, this is news that his father is a diplomat man.

Weight & Height of Ben Youcef

The weight of the actor ben Youcef is 80 KG or 176 pounds. The actor Ben Youcef is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters or 188 centimeters tall.

Professional Career & Ben Youcef Net Worth

Ben Youcef was shifted into Los Angeles where he got a role of a guest lead on various television series. The appreciated performance of Ben Youcef appeared in the “Chicago P.D”, “CSINY”, “Law and Order”, and “NCIS: LA”. After his great performance in the previous series, he also performed in the sports drama movie named “From The Rough” in the year 2017, where he appeared starred the opposite actor, Taraji Henson.

Previously he also appeared in the 2014 movie which name is “The Algerian”. The actor Ben Youcef wrote the story of the movie. Due to his amazing performance, he got the best actor award at “Downtown La & London International Film Festivals”.

Apart from his appearance in television series and movies, Ben Youcef provided his voice in the version of Arabic versions which are “Medal of Honor”, “Call To Duty”, and “X-men: Apocalypse”.

Ben Youcef performed as a voice-over artist in several movies and become an expert in this field. He provided his voice for the five Arabic dialects in Television productions and huge movies.

Another fact is that he is a member of a non-profit Inter-Faith group of Muslims/Christians/Jews in Los Angeles. Once his video of Prayer became viral all over the world in which that video got more than 20 million views on the YouTube platform.

When his video of prayer goes viral Philip Glass who was the award winner approached him and requested him to join the “The Hollywood Bowl”. He wanted to present it before the 18,000 people in Powaqqatsi. Apart from this he also helped the American actor named “James Franco” with his various movies.

Ben Youcef Net Worth (Income Source and Assets)

Ben Youcef Net Worth is 800K which is enough for living a luxurious lifestyle. During his acting career, he earned a handsome amount of money. The girlfriend of Ben Sandra Lee has also a good net worth.

Quick Facts About the Ben Youcef

  • The date of birth of Ben Youcef is 19 February 1979.
  • He has five twins from his ex-wife
  • Now at this time, he is enjoying his engagement with Sandra Lee.
  • The age difference between Ben and his fiancee seems to be clear.
  • His girlfriend Sandra’ is a famous American chef
  • He filed for his divorce in the year 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 What is the name of Ben Youcef Ex-wife?

Ans: His ex-wife’s name is Apryl Stephenson.

Q.2 What is the height of Ben Youcef?

Ans: The actor Ben Youcef is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters tall.

Q.3 What is Ben Youcef Net Worth?

Ans: Famous American actor Ben Youcef Net Worth 800K good enough for living a luxurious lifestyle.

Closing Up Now

Hope you will like the article in which we have explained all information and net worth of Ben Youcef as of 2021. If someone has any suggestions, so leave feedback in the comment section. Thank you for Reading!.

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