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Anna Sorokin Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Anna Sorokin Actually

Did you know the Anna Sorokin net worth? It might be interesting to know the biography of Anna Sorokin, so keep reading to know who is Anna Sorokin actually. Anna Sorokin is a famous Russian German actress and a convicted fraudster and was convicted for being a rich german heiress, she delved to defraud banks, hotels, and many other rich peoples.

In the year 2019, Anna was sent to jail for a long period of 12 years due to multiple allegations. However, she was released early from jail in Feb 2021. Because Anna showed good behavior in the jail. As of the current date of Feb 2022, Anna Sorokin net worth is around $320000.

Full Name Anna Sorokin
Date Of Brith January 23, 1991
Birthplace Domodedovo, Russia
Known for Convicted fraudster
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $320000

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Professional Career & Anna Sorokin Net Worth

Anna began her career by serving as an intern at a public relations company. later on, she moved to Paris, in which she began her internship for the French fashion, art, and culture magazine Purple, and Anna got a surname Delvey for the first name. Anna traveled to New York City, where Anna easily make friends as compared to Paris.

She took the decision to live in New York City, and for some time, she shifted to Purple’s New York office. Later on, she resigned from her job at Purple, and got the idea to start a private member club and art foundation named “Anna Delvey Foundation”.

After this, she started to reach out to rich members, but she did not get enough success from her plan. Then, Anna decided to generate money through alternatives like creating fake bank statements, in which Anna showed she had access to over €60 million in a Swiss bank account.

Another company named “Fortress Investment Group” was also going to prey on her fraud. But, Fortress’s company’s directing manager prevented his company from her fraud by analyzing her loan application. In which Anna showed her to be of German heritage, but in Anna’s passport, it was clearly written that she was born in Russia.

Moreover, Anna was involved in credit card fraud as well. Anna called her friends to Morocco and claimed that it was an all-expenses-paid journey in May 2017. After enjoying a few days in Morocco, the hotel staff was unable to swipe her credit cards, so she asked her friend Rachel DeLoache Williams to pay all of her bills and promised her to return back all of her money to Williams. But, till now Anna has never turned her promise into reality.

In October 2017, Anna was exposed to a sting operation, and her fraud activities finally stopped. All of this plan to exposed Anna was handled by Michael McCaffrey by arranging a lunch meeting at the restaurant. On 9 May 2019, Anna was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in state jail and also was ordered to pay a fine of $24,000 and restitution of $199,000.

Anna was released early from the state Jail on February 2021, due to her good behavior. But, she was arrested by ICE again in March 2021, due to overstaying the visa. A few months before, Anna gave an interview to ABC’s show 20/20 in which Anna claimed that she is not a greedy and dumb woman. Moreover, she told an ABC host named “Deborah Roberts”, that she is now willing to rewrite her story and wants to clear her reputation.

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Early Life

The date of birth of Anna Sorokin is 23 January 1991 and her birthplace is Domodedovo, Russia. Moreover, Anna was born in a working-class family in the Southeast of Moscow. Anna’s father was a truck driver and her mother used to run a small convenience store.

In the year 2007, Anna and her family were shifted to Germany. Anna Sorokin got her education at the gymnasium. When Anna was living in Germany, She had faced difficulties speaking the German language. As a result, she stay quiet due to which her friends in Germany called her a quiet girl.

Anna got her graduation certification from high school in the year 2011, and later on shifted to London to study at the public art school, Central Saint Martins. However, Anna didn’t stay in London for a long time and went back to Germany. Now let’s discuss Anna Sorokin net worth and personal life.

Personal Life

At this time, there is no information about her relationship status, love affair, or marital status. Because she never revealed her personal details publicly. It seems that Anna had been busing in conducting frauds and not giving attention to her personal affairs. However, In Feb 2021, Anna wrote some captions on Instagram, which showed that she is looking for a boyfriend. But she got a contrary response under the comments in regards to her fraud activities.

Anna Sorokin Net Worth

As of the current date of Feb 2022, Anna Sorokin net worth is approximately around $320000. Anna made a good amount of net worth which she got paid from Netflix for her story. Anna also claimed that she grabbed over $67 million trust fund, but it has now been proven that’s is just a scam.

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