Aina Asif Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, & Boyfriend

Do you know Aina Asif net worth and biography? Here is complete information in regards to biography, age, height, weight, profession, career, spouse, and boyfriend, so stay tuned. Aina Asif is a Pakistani famous model, actress, social media star, and internet personality and she belongs to Karachi Pakistan.

She earned a lot of fame and popularity after her appearance in a television series called “daily Soap”. Moreover,r she grabbed a lot of popularity after her appearance in a drama serial called “Hum Tum” in which she performed a role as a Karate Girl Ris.

Due to her role, she earned a lot of love from the public. According to the words Aina, she got a chance to play the role of a completely different personality who loves to make the public laugh.

She also said that she is learning a lot from her TV series. Moreover, she also made her appearance in Pehli Si Mohabbat, Pinjira, Badnaseeb, and many other famous series.

Aina Asif Net Worth

Aina Asif Early Life (Birthdate, Age, & Education)

As of now, there is no accurate date of birth for Aina Asif. However, some resources claimed that Aina was born in 2009 in Karachi Pakistan. At this time she is living in Karachi and struggling hard to pursue her professional acting career.

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As of 2022, Aina Asif’s age is around 13 years. If we talk about Aina’s educational background, she joined the primary school in Karachi. Later on, Aina went to high school to pursue her studies.

As to some reports, at this time she would be in her high school. However, we are unable to collect accurate information in regard to her educational background.

Aina Asif Net Worth

Aina Asif Wiki/Bio

Full Name Aina Asif
Nationality Pakistani
Birthday 2009 (assumed)
Aina’s Age 13 years (as of 2022)
Profession/ Source of Wealth Actress, model, and social media influence.
BirthPlace Karachi, Pakistan
Religion Islam.
Educational Institue Private school in Karachi
Qualification Student
Net Worth 1 Crore (PKR)

Aina Asif Family, Parents, Siblings & Friends

Aina got support from her parents in her professional career in acting and studies. As per resource, Ain’s mom accompanies her during her auditions and shooting. However, we are unaware to reveal the deep information in regards to the names of her parents’ siblings, and friends.

Aina Asif Net Worth

As per the news, Aina’s father is a famous businessman and he has a showroom of cars. However, some reports claimed that she has one sister and a brother. Likewise, Aina’s mother is a homemaker and she is an expert in cooking.

Aina Asif Net Worth

As per resource, she has an elder brother who also struggling to become a successful actor. However, we are unable to collect the name of her siblings. Moreover, Aina and her family believe in Islam and also hold Pakistani nationality. However, we are unable to collect Aina’s cast.

Aina Asif Personal Life (Love affair, Marital Status & Boyfriend)

After her appearance in several TV series, she gained a lot of fan following and Aina’s fan following is increasing consistently. After getting public and media attention, people started to like her.

Now, a lot of the public is curious to know about who is the boyfriend of Aina Asif. Whether she is married or not. Because Aina is a very beautiful and gorgeous girl.

Aina Asif Net Worth

Aina has a gloming face with an adorable smile. Due to her amazing personality, she gained the attraction and attention of the public. She is at a very young age to be in a committed relationship.

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So, let me tell you that, Aina is single as of now. Being a newbie in her profession, it seems that Aina is focusing on her career. She has no time or interest to make her relationship with someone.

Nor does she reveal her personal information publicly. As she states about her relationship status, we will update it as soon as possible.

Aina Spouse, Boyfriend & Marital Status

Marital Status Single
Boyfriend None
Spouse None
Kids None

Aina Asif Age, Height, Weight, & Physical Measurement

As of 2022, Aina Asif’s age is around 13 years. The height of Aina is around 5 feet 1 inch, 1.54 meters, or 154 centimeters with a weight of 43 KG or 94 lbs. Likewise, Aina’s hair color is brown while her eyes color is Hazel. However, we are unable to collect her physical measurements.

Professional Career & Aina Asif Net Worth (Movies & TV Shows)

Aina Asif is very little age, in her very young age she gained a lot of fame and popularity. She was passionate about acting since her childhood as she was influenced by acting.

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Firstly her brother debuted in the film industry and her brother shared the tales of his day during shooting. After getting inspiration from her brother, she debuted in the Pakistani film industry as a model.

Later on, she got the opportunity to model for Alkaram Brand. According to some news, she made her appearance in the drama series called “Pehli Si Mohabbat” and she debuted her acting career.

Aina Asif Net Worth

In which she performed the role of a young Maya Ali and later on she was cast for a negative role in the TV drama called “Badnaseeb”.

In addition, she got the role of Abeer in the popular series called “Pinjira”. Currently, her appearance in a television drama called “Hum Tum” earned a lot of fame and popularity.

In which she performed the role of Milli, who is a comic character in the drama series. Throughout her Dramas career, Aina Asif net worth has been good enough to live a luxurious lifestyle.

List of Aina Asif’s Dramas

  1. Pehli Si Mohabbat
  2. Badnaseeb
  3. Pinjira
  4. Hum Tum

Aina Asif Social Media Presence

Throughout her career, Aina Asif earns a lot of fan following on almost every social media platform and her number of fans is increasing consistently. On Instagram, Aina Asif has over 140K followers as of April 2022. Likewise, on Facebook and Twitter Aina has a lot of fan following.

Aina Asif Net Worth

Unknown and Interesting Facts About Aina Asif

  • As she shared a lot of pictures on her social media account, it seems that Aina likes to wear heavy dresses.
  • Aina also loves to wear chains and rings occasionally.
  • Pakistani model collaborated with numerous brands like PTCL, Cup Cake, Ochre, Scene On Karo, and others.

Aina asif net worth

  • Pakistani actress Aina likes to spend her spare time with her co-stars.
  • Aina likes to celebrate festivals with her family.
  • As of 2022, Aina has over 140K followers on Instagram
  • Aina’s brother is also an actor.
  • Her mom is a housewife and she collaborated with her daughter.
  • Aina’s father is a businessman having a car showroom.

Aina Asif Net Worth (Income source, Assets & Lifestyle)

As we are aware, she is at the very beginning stage of her career and struggling hard to pursue her career. Although, she earned a lot of money from her little career and living in a lavish lifestyle with her family. Moreover, she has a lavish beautiful home and she likes to decorate her room with her own portraits.

At this time she is getting a handsome amount of money from modeling, commercials, and acting. As of 2022, Aina Asif net worth is approximately around 1 crore PKR. Seeing her struggle passion and hardworking, she would earn a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q.1 Who is Aina Asif?

Ans: Aina is a famous Pakistani actress, model, and television personality.

Q.2 How old is Aina Asif?

Ans: As of 2022, Aina Asif is 13 years old.

Q.3 Who is Aina Asif’s boyfriend?

Ans: As of now there is no information in regards to Aina’s relationship status.

Q.4 Why Aina Asif is famous?

Ans: Aina Asif is famous for her versatile acting skill and her modeling career.

Q.5 What is the Aina Asif Net Worth?

Ans: As of 2022, Aina Asif net worth is approximately around 1 crore PKR.

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